Rentrak To Measure MCV’s Mobile Viewing

Mobile Content Venture’s Dyle mobile TV service will use Rentrak’s Mobile Essentials solution in combination with Rentrak’s StationView Essentials solution “to help MCV members align traditional TV ratings with broadcast mobile TV performance.”

MCV Dials Up Its Mobile TV Brand: Dyle

The group hopes the new name and logo will help consumers identify mobile TV enabled devices. MCV will use the Dyle brand to certify that a device is capable of receiving and decrypting live mobile broadcast TV signals. The name and logo are part of MCV’s strategy to drive awareness of and educate consumers about mobile TV, MCV said.


MCV’s Mobile TV Coverage Stands At 87%

In our April 14 story “Mobile DTV Poised for Its U.S. Premiere,” we incorrectly reported that stations belonging to the Mobile Content Venture jointly cover 40% of the country. The correct figure is 87%, according to MCV. The 40% mentioned in the story is the percentage that will receive MCV’s service by the end of 2011. And with today’s announcement of additional MCV markets, that figure has jumped to around 50%.


Free Is The Key To Mobile DTV Success

As U.S. broadcasters prepare to launch mobile DTV services, they’ve learned important lessons from earlier, similar efforts overseas. First, it’s become clear that to succeed, a mobile service must include free content that consumers know and like at the time they expect it to be on. Then, it must also offer premium content, games and more.


MVC Outsources Mobile DTV Encryption

Digital security technology specialist Nagra-Kudelski will handle “conditional access” as the Mobile Content Venture outlines that and other technical details of its upcoming mobile DTV service.