Media Dynamics: TV’s 2022-23 Primetime Upfront Closes With Modest Gains

Media Dynamics preliminary estimates find that five broadcast TV networks took in $9.9 billion in primetime sales — up a modest 6.4% from the previous upfront — while the cable channels sold $10.2 billion, a 5.2% increase. In total, the “linear TV” upfront was up 5.8%, to $20.1 billion.

TV Upfront Ads: 20% Gains In Broadcast CPMs, But Volume Down 13% From 2019

The almost completed traditional TV upfront witnessed strong average 19% gain in primetime broadcast CPM and 10% higher for cable TV nets for the upcoming 2021-22 TV season, according to Media Dynamics. But total upfront dollar volume this year — $19.04 billion for broadcast and cable TV networks — is still under the levels of 2019, down a collective 13%, according to the media consulting company.

TV Upfront Rev Up 5.2%, CPMs Up 10%

Upfront TV advertising revenue witnessed a 5.2% increase for the 2018-2019 TV season — similar to the rise a year ago. Combined broadcast and cable networks deal-making saw upfront TV advertising grow 5.2% to just over $20.7 billion, according to Media Dynamics, a media consulting/publishing company.

Strong Upfront Gains, Revenues Hit $19.7B

TV’s upfront advertising market for primetime over-delivered — for both broadcast and cable networks — with 6% more revenue versus the year before, according to a new estimate. Total TV upfront ad revenues hit $19.7 billion — $10.6 billion for cable networks (up 7.6%) and $9.1 billion for broadcast networks (4.1% higher), according to Media Dynamics, a media consultancy.


Broadcast-Cable Upfront Ends With 4.5% Gain

Broadcast and cable networks’ advance ad sales for the upcoming TV season are expected to hit $18.6 billion, the best showing in three years, according to the consulting firm Media Dynamics.


It Really Wasn’t A Great Upfront For Anyone

Perhaps the most telling sign that this year’s upfront did not go all that well for media sellers: Even spending on cable, which has been seeing gangbuster gains since the recession ended, was down. A new report from Media Dynamics, a media consulting firm, finds that overall dollar volume for the 2014 upfront fell by 6.1% compared to last year, to $18.125 billion. That includes a drop of 4.7% for cable, which slid from $10.16 billion to $9.675 billion, its first drop in four years.

TV Audience Only Partially Attentive To Ads

An explosion of marketers’ messaging from TV, radio and online platforms doesn’t necessarily mean they receive full — or even half of — consumers’ attention for those advertisements. Ed Papazian, president of Media Dynamics, says that 50% to 60% of the audience is only partially attentive when a commercial appears on the screen. Papazian says his estimates come from a number of third-party researchers, such as Simmons and MRI, as well as other studies.


Online Video Ads Out-Price TV Spots

For 2013, the average online video ad was about double the price of a national TV commercial  — and in some cases even more than that for targeted online video.