Media Matters President Knocks Bernie Sanders For Timing Of Fox News Town Hall

Carlson Comments Signal Brawl For Advertisers

The liberal advocacy group Media Matters for America this week released two batches of recordings Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson made as a guest on a radio show where he made denigrating remarks about race and gender. It was timed to coincide with Fox’s first-ever sales meeting with advertisers on Wednesday. Media Matters says it wants to pressure Fox into better behavior by making advertisers aware of what is being said on the air. Carlson says critics want to shut Fox down.

Media Matters Chief’s Controversial Comments Unearthed After Tucker Carlson Reporting

Liberal Group Urges Advertiser Boycott Of Hannity

NEW YORK (AP) — A liberal advocacy group that targeted Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly for advertiser boycotts in the past now has its sights set on Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity. Media Matters for America said Friday it will begin asking Hannity’s advertisers to shun him and will ask thousands of its members to […]

Media Matters Founder David Brock Has Heart Attack

Sharyl Attkisson: I Was Targeted For Money

Liberal Media Watchdog Decries Clinton Specials

Media Matters Names New President

Bradley Beychok joined the liberal watchdog group as an executive vice president in 2012. He takes over the top spot of the liberal media monitoring group from outgoing president-CEO Matt Butler, who is leaving to relaunch his own consulting firm.

Fox News Takes On Media Matters

For seven years Fox News has pushed back against the daily scrutiny and criticism leveled at it by Media Matters, the liberal watchdog group. But after David Brock, the group’s founder, said in March that his group’s new strategy amounted to a “war on Fox,” Fox ratcheted up its response. In the past 10 days, the news channel has run more than 30 segments calling for the nonprofit group to be stripped of its tax-exempt status.

Media Matters Urging Ad Boycott Of FNC