Media Rating Council Gives CEO George Ivie New Deal Through 2027

The Media Rating Council, which audits and evaluates measurement companies, said George Ivie, its CEO and executive director, has agreed to a new five-year contract extension that will keep him in his job through 2027. The MRC and Ivie have had a high profile lately as long-time TV ratings leader Nielsen faces unprecedented challenges from a squadron of competitors and complaints from customers, led by the media companies that pay most of Nielsen’s bills.

MRC Revokes Accreditation For Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics

Media Rating Council Sees Nielsen Audit Extending Past 3Q

The Media Rating Council said that Nielsen’s bid to get its national and local ratings services reaccredited won’t be completed until the third quarter at the earliest, and after the upfront TV ad market takes place.

MRC Accredits DoubleVerify’s Programmatic Targeting Services

DoubleVerify says that several of its programmatic targeting services have been accredited by the Media Rating Council. The products include fraud avoidance for connected TV, desktop, mobile web and mobile app ads, including invalid traffic avoidances and ID display and video viewability targeting for desktop, mobile web and mobile apps.

Media Rating Council Says Comscore Local & National TV Services Being Audited

The Media Rating Council, the industry’s measurement watchdog, said that Comscore’s national and local TV measurement products are currently in the accreditation process and are undergoing an MRC audit. The MRC said the update is part of an effort to be more transparent.

MRC: VAB Incorrectly Represents Nielsen Undercounting

The characterization of the Media Rating Council’s analysis of Nielsen’s pandemic-affected undercounting of linear TV viewers by the VAB, the national TV ad trade group, isn’t a correct “representation,” according to the MRC.

Media Rating Council ‘Concerned’ About Accuracy Of Nielsen’s Plan To Include Broadband-Only Homes In Local Ratings

The watchdog group urges Nielsen to investigate concerns over accuracy before moving forward with plans to add data from broadband-only homes to its local TV market measurement in January.

MRC Auditing Nielsen’s ‘Digital Ad Ratings

The Media Rating Council (MRC) says it has begun auditing Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) measurement service, which put its accreditation on “hiatus” beginning in September 2020. The MRC said the audit includes four phases, including one covering Nielsen’s originally accredited service covering desktop display and video ratings, as well as new ones covering audience measurement coming from mobile and connected TV (CTV) devices.

MRC Accredits IAS For Facebook, Instagram Measurement

Integral Ad Science (IAS) this morning announced it has been accredited by the Media Rating Council for impression and viewability measurement and reporting of display and video ads across Facebook and Instagram.

Nielsen’s Wall Street Investors Not Reacting To MRC Accreditation News

News that The Media Rating Council would be suspending accreditation of Nielsen Holdings’ high-profile national TV ratings service has had little effect on the media research company’s stock price so far. Through Thursday, Nielsen’s stock closed virtually flat for the week, down 0.2% to $21.21. The reaction of the MRC decision on Wednesday pushed the stock down slightly, to 1.6%. This isn’t to say that investors are not concerned about the research company. Since May 17, the company’s stock was at $28.10, and has since fallen 25%.

Nielsen’s National Ratings Accreditation Suspended By Media Rating Council

Nielsen’s decades-old track record of measuring the TV business was dealt a serious blow Wednesday after the MRC decided to suspend its backing of the company’s national ratings service and also cancel an agreed-upon hiatus for its support of Nielsen’s local TV efforts as well.

Nielsen Audience Measurement Hiatus Tests Media Rating Council Relevance

Nielsen seems to be betting the industry will shrug off its loss of accreditation.

Comscore Aims To Start MRC Review Of Its TV Ratings Service Earlier Than Planned

Comscore said it is seeking to have its national and local TV measurement products audited by the the Media Rating Council earlier than previously planned. A process leading to potential accreditation of Comscore’s ratings service could begin as soon as October.

Media Rating Council Rips Nielsen

The Media Rating Council ripped Nielsen’s “deep-rooted, ongoing performance issues” in a statement. That followed Nielsen’s declaration that it would seek to take a hiatus from the Council’s accreditation process.

Nielsen, Under Pressure And Under Audit, Takes Hiatus From Industry Backing

Nielsen said Thursday it would move forward without the backing of the media industry’s Media Rating Council, the latest eyebrow-raising maneuver in a months-long feud between the media-measurement giant and the TV networks whose viewers it has counted for decades.

VAB Asks Media Rating Council To Ax Nielsen Accreditation, Escalating Feud

The industry group that represents major television networks is calling on the nonprofit Media Rating Council to strip Nielsen’s accreditation in an unprecedented escalation of a months-long feud centered on the accuracy of Nielsen ratings. On Wednesday morning, the Video Advertising Bureau, which counts A+E Networks, Disney, Fox, NBCUniversal and ViacomCBS (among others) as members, delivered a letter to the MRC demanding that it suspend its accreditation of Nielsen’s national ratings service due to the measurement firm’s handling of its in-home panel. That panel, which serves as the backbone of Nielsen’s television measurement products, has been cast into doubt since at least March 2020.


Measurement Woes Persist As Stations, Nielsen At Critical Juncture

Since the pandemic, many TV stations are facing measurement and under-delivery issues that they fear will only be compounded by Nielsen’s inclusion of BBO homes in October. While Nielsen is working to improve the sample, the uncertainty has some broadcasters turning to less Nielsen-reliant alternatives. Note: This story is available to TVNewsCheck Premium members only. If you would like to upgrade your free TVNewsCheck membership to Premium now, you can visit your Member Home Page, available when you log in at the very top right corner of the site or in the Stay Connected Box that appears in the right column of virtually every page on the site. If you don’t see Member Home, you will need to click Log In or Subscribe.

Nielsen Finds Local COVID TV Ratings Understated At Levels Similar To Its National TV Service

Nielsen’s local TV ratings understated viewing during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to preliminary findings of an internal analysis conducted by Nielsen. The analysis, which was conducted in response to requests from industry ratings watchdog the Media Rating Council, found the understatement ranged by market size, daypart and demographic group, but overall was found to be similar to an understatement previously disclosed by Nielsen for its national TV ratings estimates.

MRC Says Nielsen Undercounted Viewing

The Media Rating Council says that Nielsen’s numbers during the COVID-19 pandemic undercounted viewers, as was alleged by networks and distributors represented by the VAB.
In a statement, MRC said it believes that total usage of television by persons 18-49 — the key demo used to sell advertising — was understated by approximately 2% to 6% for the February 2021 measurement period.

Innovid Adds MRC Accreditation For Display Ad Measurement

Independent advertising and analytics ad platform for television Innovid today announced it has been granted accreditation by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for its measurement of rendered display ad impressions, expanding the omni-channel ad server’s existing accreditations in video and OTT. Innovid’s accreditations now span measurement of rendered display impressions — desktop, mobile web and […]

MRC Accredits Nielsen’s National, Enhanced Local Ratings

Accreditation extends to NPM and all LPM markets, plus 19 set meter markets leveraging PPM data and Viewer Assignment methodology.

MRC Proposes Ad Fraud Updates

In an effort to “modernize” the ad industry’s guidelines for accounting for and dealing with new forms of digital advertising fraud commonly known as “invalid traffic,” the Media Rating Council on Wednesday released a draft of a new version of guidelines it originally set in October 2015.

MRC Revokes Accreditation For Hulu, 2 Others

The Media Rating Council today revoked accreditation for measurement services from Extreme Reach, Hulu and Protected Media, and denied accreditation for a service from DoubleVerify. It also granted accreditation for services from C3 Metrics, Hulu and Flashtalking.

Altered Nielsen Markets Still Accredited

In regards to recent changes Nielsen has made to its TV market measurements, the Media Ratings Council says its accreditation of these markets has remained unchanged.

MRC Sets New Cross-Media Metrics Standards

The Media Rating Council on Wednesday issued a final version of its Cross-Media Audience Measurement Standards, a milestone that will help media buyers figure out how to best use all the forms of video available to reach target consumers.

MRC Proposes Cross-Media Ad Standard

In a move that is expected to make it easier for advertisers, agencies and their suppliers to measure, account for and compare video ads distributed across platforms from TV to smartphones, the Media Rating Council today released a draft of its cross-media audience measurement standards.

ComScore Falls Short Of MRC Accreditation

The Media Rating Council today said that comScore’s local and national television products “are not accredited at the present time.” The MRC said that comScore TV is redesigning the production system for its local and national TV products. MRC “encourages comScore TV to re-engage as soon as the product redesign has progressed to a point […]

MRC Updates Ad Verification Guidelines

The guidelines attempt to address concerns that have developed around user-generated content, and also create the opportunity to establish brand safety “floors,” such as “a consistent set of categories on which advertisers might choose to adopt a ‘never appropriate’ position for their ad buys.”

MRC Releases Digital Audience Standard

The Media Rating Council, which has effectively been the standard bearer for the “viewability” of digital ads for the past couple of years, on Thursday released its first standard for digital audience measurement.

MRC Finalizes Mobile Ad Guidelines

The Media Rating Council Tuesday afternoon announced it has revised its mobile in-app and mobile web measurement guidelines. The announcement, which was made in conjunction with the IAB Tech Lab and the Mobile Marketing Association, said the decision finalizes guidelines that were offered for public comment earlier this year, effectively making them the ad industry’s new standard for mobile advertising.

Twitter Reviewed For MRC Accreditation

Twitter has agreed to submit to the Media Rating Council for accreditation consideration — all coming in the midst of plaguing issues regarding digital media measurement. The MRC says Twitter has agreed to submit a set of key measurement metrics — the first phase of the accreditation process.

Nielsen Gets MRC OK For Viewablility Integration

MRC Releases Final Location-Based Ad Guidelines

Google Agrees To MRC Audit Of YouTube

Alphabet Inc.’s Google is committing to a series of audits for its web video powerhouse YouTube by the ad industry’s measurements watchdog, the Media Rating Council. Less than two weeks ago, Facebook also announced it had agreed to have some of its ad metrics audited by the MRC.

ComScore Receives MRC Mobile Accreditation

Building on comScore’s recent MRC accreditation for SIVT filtration, this new accreditation targets cross-platform campaign planning.

Facebook Agrees To Audit Of Its Metrics

Facebook has pledged to undergo audits by the media industry’s measurement watchdog, the Media Rating Council, people familiar with the matter say, a move that will likely please ad-industry executives who are skeptical of the tech giant’s data-reporting practices.

MRC In Talks Over Auditing Facebook Metrics

The marketing industry’s Media Rating Council has held recent talks with Facebook about auditing its measurement methodologies, which have come under scrutiny following the company’s own admission that some of its numbers have been wrong.


MRC To Issue Mobile Measurement Guidelines

The Media Rating Council, a self-regulatory industry body that oversees standards for media measurement, plans to issue guidelines on mobile viewability measurement by mid-June. The MRC aims to improve the quality of media measurement and provide greater utility for measurement overall.

MRC Accredits ComScore’s Media Metrix

In an important stamp of approval making comScore’s digital audience measurement more of an industry currency, the Media Rating Council voted to grant accreditation to comScore’s Media Metrix service. The service, which measures publisher website audiences based on comScore’s “unified digital measurement” method, is the first digital content audience measurement service accredited by the MRC.

Nielsen Dumps Diaries In Biggest Markets

Effective today, none of the demographic data reported by Nielsen’s local TV ratings services will be accredited. The move follows Nielsen’s decision to drop paper diaries for estimating the demographic composition of audiences in its local metered market ratings and to begin using new, as-yet-unaccredited methods for calculating who is watching television. As a result, media industry self-regulatory ratings watchdog the Media Rating Council announced Wednesday that none of Nielsen’s local demographic data will be accredited.