TVN Focus On Business | TV Recruiting Faces Pandemic Challenges

TV stations are still hiring during the pandemic, but HR executives say they’ve had to get creative in their largely virtual environments, turning to social media and marketing tools to fill key positions, particularly account executives, producers and executive producers.

Media Staffing Network Establishes Recruitment Solutions Network

Media Staffing Network (MSN) is helping job seekers across all industries by tapping into its vast knowledge of job search skills and techniques to present a series of free webinars under its newly established Recruitment Solutions Network (RSN) unit. The series kicks off Wednesday, April 8, with two webinars: “Job Seeking: Building Your Brand” at 11 a.m. ET and “Job Seeking: […]

Media Staffing Perspective From 26-Year Veteran Laurie Kahn

Media Staffing Network Offers New Recruitment Service

Media Staffing Network has launched the 0 to 3 Talent Bank for media companies seeking employees with three years or less of experience in sales, production, business development, on-air positions, marketing, engineering, IT and digital. According to MSN, it has invested six months in populating its 0 to 3 database with talent, much of it […]

Media Staffing Net Launches 0 To 3 Talent Bank

Media Staffing Network (MSN) is creating a new service “for the next generation of media professionals.” MSN’s 0 to 3 Talent Bank is focused on entry-level job seekers. It serves those with less than three years of professional experience, such as recent graduates and those who do have work experience but in fields outside of […]


Successful Recruitment Requires Budgeting

Now is the time to make sure 2018 budgets include adequate resources for talent recruitment and retention. Here are eight areas to focus on to ensure your company is adequately equipped to meet the challenges ahead.


Digital Impacting Station Sales Hiring, Tactics

Stations are finding that recruiting local sales talent at both the staff and management levels is more difficult because of competition from digital media. They can still compete for the best sales talent, the experts, say, but they can’t just sit back and wait for people to reply to a job posting. This is Part I of a three-part series on the challenges facing broadcasters in finding the right people for the rights jobs. Tomorrow, in Part II: It used to be a given that news managers would readily move it if meant a bigger market and a larger paycheck. Not anymore. And, In Part III, on Thursday, the military may become an even bigger source of talent for station IT and engineering departments.