Consortium Aims For Programmatic TV Buys

Interpublic’s Mediabrands unit has formed an alliance with more than 15 minor TV networks to develop and organize data and technology that would enable the agency and its clients to buy their advertising inventory programmatically. The initiative, which is being led by Mediabrands’ Magna Global unit, so far includes more than 15 networks, about half of which are not even measured by Nielsen.

Interpublic: Drop Nielsen For ‘Impressions’

Media-buying biggie Interpublic’s Mediabrands is making a case for the local TV advertising marketplace to shift from conventional TV ratings to “impressions-based trading.” The recommendation comes as the local TV audience measurement marketplace is in disarray, with the broadcast industry balking at Nielsen’s efforts to introduce a new “hybrid” measurement format that would, among other things, integrate broadband-only households into Nielsen’s local TV audience panels.