New ‘Meet the Press’ Studio Pays Tribute To Heart Of Democracy, Free Exchange Of Ideas

Chuck Todd Is First In Viewers, And Twitter Critics

Social media can be cruel, but the Meet the Press host says his goal is to leave the long-running NBC public affairs program “in a better place than I got it.”

NBC News’ ‘Meet The Press’ Wins Every Ratings Category Across The Board In 2Q

‘Meet The Press’ Goes To College

NBC News Apologizes For ‘Inaccurately’ Quoting William Barr

The apology didn’t satisfy President Donald Trump, who tweeted both Sunday and Monday that Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd should be fired.

‘Meet The Press’ To Examine Disinformation

A special “Meet the Press” deep dive on disinformation in politics reminiscent of last December’s hour on climate change, is scheduled for Dec. 29. Moderator Chuck Todd: “I’m not going to pretend to have the answers,” Todd said in an interview. “This is a spotlight. I hope my guests have good ideas. This to me is about sounding the alarm.”

NBC News, ‘Meet the Press’ Launch 2020 Project Focusing On Key Counties

NBC News and Meet the Press are launching County to County, a new project to cover the 2020 election from the vantage point of five key counties in swing states. Meet the Press moderator and political director Chuck Todd and reporters Vaughn Hillyard and Dasha Burns will provide coverage from Milwaukee County in Wisconsin, Kent County in Michigan, Beaver County in Pennsylvania, Miami-Dade County in Florida and Maricopa County in Arizona.

Todd: Media Must Grapple With Trump In 2020

With the likelihood that Trump will keep up a running commentary on the Democrats’ nomination process — he’s already assigned a derisive nickname to one potential challenger — journalists will have to consider how much attention should be paid to it, said NBC’s Chuck Todd, moderator of the 71-year-old Sunday public affairs show Meet the Press.

‘Meet The Press’ No. 1 In 25-54s For 9 Quarters

‘Meet The Press’ Wins RTDNF Free Speech Prize

For more than 70 years, NBC’s Meet the Press has defended the First Amendment every Sunday by shaping the agenda in Washington, holding the powerful accountable and serving as an agent for the public’s need to know what is happening inside the political establishment. Moderated by NBC News political director Chuck Todd, Meet the Press is the […]

RTNDF Announces 1st Amendment Honorees

On March 8, the Radio Television Digital News Foundation will host its 28th annual recognition of First Amendment champions — The First Amendment Awards: Freedom Fails Without A Free Press. This year’s honorees include: NBC’s Meet the Press, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, CBS News’ David Rhodes, Gretchen Carlson and ABC News’ Robin Roberts.

‘Meet The Press’ Switches To Brighter Graphics

Chuck Todd Reflects On ‘Meet The Press’ At 70

Why The Sunday Morning Shows Still Matter

By the time even news junkies get to Sunday morning, there can be a plaintive need for a mental health break. There may be physiological limits on how many times they can watch Sen. Lindsey Graham, among others in our public life, in a given week. But the three stalwarts of broadcast television — ABC’s This Week, CBS’s Face the Nation and NBC’s Meet the Press — endure amid the obvious media fragmentation and may have cause for a certain self-congratulation amid via a vaguely surprising Harvard study.

‘Meet the Press’ Plans Documentary Film Fest

The venerable Sunday public-affairs mainstay is joining forces with the American Film Institute for a film festival to be held in November in Washington D.C. Submissions for what is expected to be a slate of seven short-length documentary films are now being accepted. It’s a surprising extension of a TV mainstay that is in the midst of its 70th year on the air.

‘Meet The Press’ Kicks Off 70th Anniversary Celebration

‘Meet The Press’ Unveils Plans For 70th Anniversary

How ‘Meet The Press’ Is Using Social Media

For years, it was enough for the Sunday political talk shows to own the conversation for a single day on television. But if they want to reach young people who are getting their news on Facebook, they have to own social media around the clock, too. NBC’s Meet the Press realized this two years ago when it brought on senior producer Shawna Thomas to overhaul the show’s approach to digital media. The results have been dramatic.


‘Fox News Sunday’ Races ‘Meet the Press’ In DC

‘Meet The Press’ Loses To ‘Fox News Sun.’ In D.C.

John Reiss Named EP Of ‘Meet The Press’

Reiss has been serving as acting executive producer since Chuck Todd took over in September, 2014.

Schieffer’s ‘Face’ Reaches 60-Year Milestone

Today is the exact anniversary, 60 years to the day after the anti-communist crusading Sen. Joseph McCarthy came on the CBS Sunday morning show to talk about Senate efforts to censure him. “We still do exactly what we did on the first broadcast — find the key newsmaker and the biggest news story of the week, sit them down at the table and ask them questions,” host Bob Schieffer says. “I’m very proud of that.”

Jon Stewart Confirms ‘Meet the Press’ Talks

‘Meet The Press’ Returns To Third Place

One week after a rare second-place showing, it falls back in the Sunday ratings race.

NBC Wanted Stewart For ‘Meet The Press’

Before choosing Chuck Todd to host Meet the Press, NBC News President Deborah Turness held negotiations with Jon Stewart about hosting Meet the Press, according to three senior television sources with knowledge of the talks. One source explained that NBC was prepared to offer Stewart virtually “anything” to bring him over. “They were ready to back the Brink’s truck up,” the source said.


New ‘Meet The Press’ Host Defies The Rules

Chuck Todd began his new role as host of NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday and provided a reprieve from the pomposity and punchy diction common on the Sunday talk shows.

Todd To Interview Obama On First ‘Meet The Press’

Chuck Todd Wants To ‘Demystify’ D.C.

NBC News chief White House correspondent and soon-to-be Meet the Press host Chuck Todd said Monday: “I think the job for all of us, particularly in political reporting is to demystify Washington for the American public, but then also try to translate the American public’s frustrations for out-of-touch Washington people.”

Ex-Host David Gregory Praised On ‘Meet The Press’

NEW YORK (AP) — NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell has paid tribute on “Meet the Press” to its abruptly departed host, David Gregory. Mitchell told viewers Sunday that the long-running public-affairs show has made a lot of history and that a large share was made with Gregory at the helm. She said Gregory had been […]

Official: Todd Taking Over ‘Meet The Press’

The announcement of Chuck Todd’s appointment Thursday by NBC News President Deborah Turness ended months of speculation that David Gregory’s time was running out on the program, which during his tenure has fallen from first to third place, ranking behind CBS’s Face the Nation and ABC’s This Week.

CNN: Gregory Out, Todd In At ‘Meet the Press’

NBC will name Chuck Todd the new host of Meet the Press as soon as this afternoon, according to people with direct knowledge of the network’s plans.

‘Fox News Sun.’ Tops ‘Meet The Press’ In DC

Fox News Sunday is gaining ratings momentum in Washington, D.C., beating its major-network competition in all categories for the first time in seven years.

Todd, ‘Morning Joe’ Duo After Gregory’s Job?

The Daily Beast‘s Lloyd Grove says three NBC players are vying for David Gregory’s job hosting Meet the Press. The network denies Gregory’s out, but Grove says that after multiple conversations he’s had with people inside and outside NBC “it was taken as a given that Gregory is toast.”

NBC Denies Report That David Gregory Is Out

The network tried to shoot down rumors that the Meet the Press host is losing his job, callilng the most recent report “false.” The Sunday morning talk show is stuck in third place, sparking speculation that Chuck Todd could take Gregory’s place.

‘Meet The Press’ Loses 2Q Ratings Race

NBC Spins The Ratings For ‘Meet The Press’

‘Fox News Sunday’ Outdraws ‘Meet The Press’ In DC

NBC News Chief Stands Behind Gregory

NBC News President Deborah Turness sent a memo to network staff on Thursday reiterating her support for embattled Meet The Press host David Gregory and criticizing recent press coverage about him as “ludicrous.”

Tough Questions For NBC’s David Gregory

If Meet the Press moderator David Gregory were a guest on his own show, he knows the kinds of questions he’d be asked. Why have your ratings been falling? Is the show in trouble? Is your job in trouble?

‘Fox News Sunday’ Beats ‘Meet The Press’ In Demo