Semafor Launches Microsoft-Sponsored AI-Assisted Breaking News Feature

The tech giant is paying an undisclosed but significant sum to the media company as it launches “Signals.” The feature intends to “offer readers diverse, sophisticated perspectives and insights on the biggest stories in the world as they develop,” Semafor wrote on Monday.

Focused Cuts And Fewer Layers: Tech Layoffs Enter A New Phase

Amazon, Google, Microsoft and other tech companies have been on a layoff spree this month, with the latest cuts differing from last year’s mass reductions.

FTC Investigates Partnerships Between Big Tech And AI

The Federal Trade Commission said Thursday it is investigating how partnerships between large tech businesses and artificial intelligence companies could affect competition. The agency sent so-called “6b” orders — equivalent to subpoenas — to the tech companies Microsoft, Amazon and Google, and artificial intelligence businesses OpenAI and Anthropic. Those orders seek information about deals between  Microsoft and OpenAI, Amazon and Anthropic, and Google and Anthropic.

Microsoft Lays Off 1,900 Activision Blizzard & Xbox Employees

Blizzard President Mike Ybarra has also decided to leave, and Blizzard’s survival game has been canceled.

Microsoft Gives AI A Place On The Windows Keyboard

Microsoft is so confident AI is the future of computing that it’s adding a new button to the keyboards of Windows PCs dedicated to its Copilot AI assistant, starting with new machines to be announced at CES next week. It’s the first change to the Windows keyboard in 30 years, and the latest example of hardware makers betting on AI to both create new product categories and breathe life into older ones.

The New York Times Sues OpenAI And Microsoft After Impasse Over Deal To License Content

In what will be a closely watched legal salvo, the publisher claims the generative artificial intelligence giant was using its writing “without permission to develop their models and tools.”

Microsoft Hires OpenAI Founders To Lead AI Research Team After ChatGPT Maker’s Shakeup

Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella tweeted that the U.S. tech giant is committed to its partnership with OpenAI, whose chatbot kicked off the generative AI craze by producing human-like text, images, video and music. On Monday, Microsoft said it has hired Sam Altman and Greg Brockman to lead a new advanced AI research team.


Talking TV: How News Content Authentication Is Battling AI

In this repeat of the Talking TV episode from Aug. 18, Pia Blumenthal, design manager for the AContent Authenticity Initiative at Adobe and co-chair of the UX Task Force at the Coalition for Content, Provenance and Authenticity, explains how the proliferation of generative AI is making that job a lot harder. A full transcript of the conversation is included.

Microsoft Closes Deal To Buy Call Of Duty Maker Activision Blizzard After Antitrust Fights

Microsoft completed its purchase of video game-maker Activision Blizzard for $69 billion on Friday, closing one of the most expensive tech acquisitions in history that could have repercussions across the video game industry. The notice that the deal has gone through came seven hours after Microsoft got final approval from Britain’s competition watchdog, which reversed its earlier decision to block the merger, removing the last obstacle for the transaction.

U.K. Regulator Finally Clears Microsoft To Complete $69B Activision Blizzard Deal

IBC: Harmonic Offering AI Innovations, Strategic Integrations

At IBC, (Sept. 15-18, RAI Amsterdam), Harmonic will showcase a series of new AI-powered video streaming innovations with industry leaders Microsoft, Leankr, Kebula, Mirriad and Spideo. The company says “key […]

Microsoft, Google And Antitrust: Similar Legal Theories In A Different Era

Talking TV: How News Content Authentication Is Battling AI

Pia Blumenthal, design manager for the AContent Authenticity Initiative at Adobe and co-chair of the UX Task Force at the Coalition for Content, Provenance and Authenticity, is on the front lines against news disinformation. She explains how the proliferation of generative AI is making that job a lot harder. A full transcript of the conversation is included.

New York Times Drops Out Of AI Coalition

The New York Times has decided not to join a group of media companies attempting to jointly negotiate with the major tech companies over use of their content to power artificial intelligence. The move is a major blow to efforts to Barry Diller’s efforts to establish an industry united front against Google and Microsoft.

7 AI Companies Agree To Safeguards After Pressure From The White House

Amazon, Google and Meta are among the companies that announced the new commitments on Friday as they race to outdo each other with versions of artificial intelligence.

Judge Rejects FTC Delay Of $70 Billion Microsoft-Activision Deal

Microsoft also said it was negotiating changes to the deal to satisfy objections made by a British regulator, which could allow it to complete its purchase of the video game giant as soon as this month.

FTC Plans to Seek Restraining Order To Stop Microsoft From Closing Activision Deal

The Federal Trade Commission plans to seek an emergency court order that would block Microsoft from closing its $75 billion deal for Activision Blizzard, according to a person familiar with the matter. The FTC plans to file Monday for a temporary restraining order in federal court that would halt the companies from imminently clinching the deal, the person said. A judge would need to agree to issue the time-limited order; there is no guarantee when or if the agency will file for the request.

Microsoft Will Serve Only Verified Ads Beginning Aug. 1

Microsoft Advertising has an advertising verification requirement that it plans to enforce starting Aug. 1. The move follows the program’s announcement in June 2022. “We want our customers to have choice and control through transparency, so in addition to making our network safer, one of the primary goals of AIV is to increase visibility to those who interact with our ads,” Sarah Ralston, senior service engineering manager at Microsoft Advertising; and Sandeep Krishnan, senior program manager at Microsoft Advertising, wrote in a blog post.

Microsoft Calls For A.I. Rules To Minimize The Technology’s Risks

Its president, Brad Smith, said companies needed to “step up” and governments needed to “move faster” as artificial intelligence progressed.

E.U. Approves Microsoft’s $69 Billion Deal For Activision

The green light follows objections to the blockbuster deal by American and British regulators on the grounds that it would undercut competition.


Microsoft Reports Boost In Profits, Revenue, As It Pushes AI

The company reported quarterly profit of $18.3 billion, or $2.45 per share, beating Wall Street expectations for earnings of $2.24 a share.

Microsoft Drops Twitter From Ad Platform As Elon Musk Files Lawsuit

Elon Musk accused Microsoft of using data from Twitter without permission to train its chatbot. Then he threatened to sue the company. Microsoft retaliated by ending support for Twitter in its ad platform for search and social campaigns.


Fuller Halls, Strategic Partnerships Mark Resurgent NAB Show In Las Vegas

Noticeably heavier crowds filled a conference swinging back from the pandemic, while strategic partnerships between vendors signaled a new tack for the industry.

Microsoft Bakes ChatGPT-Like Tech Into Search Engine Bing

Along with adding it to Bing, Microsoft is also integrating the chatbot technology into its Edge browser. Microsoft announced the new technology at an event Tuesday at its headquarters in Redmond, Wash. The revamping of Microsoft’s second-place search engine could give the software giant a head start against other tech companies in capitalizing on the worldwide excitement surrounding ChatGPT, a tool that’s awakened millions of people to the possibilities of the latest AI technology.

Microsoft To Reportedly Cut 11K Jobs Following Amazon And Meta

Microsoft plans to cut thousands of jobs with some roles expected to be eliminated in human resources and engineering divisions, according to media reports on Tuesday. The expected layoffs would be the latest in the U.S. technology sector, where companies including Amazon and Meta Platforms have announced retrenchment exercises in response to slowing demand and a worsening global economic outlook.

Lina Khan, Aiming To Block Microsoft’s Activision Deal, Faces A Challenge

Khan, the chair of the Federal Trade Commission, has staked an ambitious trustbusting agenda on a case that may be difficult to win.

FTC Sues To Block Microsoft’s Acquisition Of Game Giant Activision

The lawsuit marks Lina Khan’s most significant effort to date to address tech industry consolidation, and it could upend Microsoft’s gaming ambitions.

Microsoft Strikes 10-Year Deal With Nintendo On ‘Call Of Duty’

LONDON (AP) — Microsoft agreed Wednesday to make the hit video game Call of Duty available on Nintendo for 10 years should its $69 billion purchase of game maker Activision […]


A $3 Trillion Loss: Big Tech’s Horrible Year Is Getting Worse

Big Tech companies took a heavy beating last week, to the tune of more than $255 billion in lost market capitalization that’s helped make a bad year even worse for the once-beloved sector. The five tech giants that posted results have now lost a combined $3 trillion in market cap on the year, according to Dow Jones Market Data, showing that Big Tech isn’t immune to the macroeconomic storm sweeping up the broader stock market.

IBC: Blackbird And Microsoft To Showcase Professional Browser-Based Video Production

Blackbird plc, the technology licensor, developer and seller of market-leading cloud native video editing platform, Blackbird, said today that the company is showcasing professional browser-based video production with Microsoft at IBC […]

IBC 2022: IBC Announces AMD As Premium Sponsor And Microsoft As Sponsor Of Accelerator Media Innovation Program

IBC2022 announced in a statement that AMD will be the exclusive Premium Sponsor and Microsoft the Program Sponsor of the IBC Accelerator Media Innovation Program, while also unveiling a raft of industry players from the media, entertainment and […]

Netflix’s Decision To Work With Microsoft A Mostly Positive Surprise

Netflix’s choice of Microsoft to help it get into the advertising business came as a bit of a surprise, but Wall Street analysts and ad-tech industry insiders had mostly positive reactions to the choice. Of course the devil is in the details and it remains to be seen just how the Netflix-Microsoft relationship plays out. It could be short term until Netflix buys or builds its own capabilities. Or the two could be in it for the long term. Could there be a marriage in the future? Some observers raised the possibility of Microsoft acquiring Netflix down the line.

Netflix To Rely On Microsoft For Its Ad-Backed Video Service

The alliance announced Wednesday marks a major step toward Netflix’s first foray into advertising after steadfastly refusing to include commercials in its video streaming service since its inception 15 years ago.

How Top TV Advertisers Plan To Spend Amid Economic Headwinds

Amid economic uncertainty and a possible looming recession, Microsoft — a major spender in the TV space — decided to sit out of this year’s upfronts and curtail its TV advertising budget. While media buyers and TV executives don’t anticipate other high-profile advertisers to follow suit, there’s concern that spending will be condensed due to uncertainty.


Microsoft To Bring Xbox Games To Samsung’s 2022 Smart TVs

Microsoft Poised To Sit Out TV’s Upfront Market

The technology giant has been telling TV networks and media buyers that it intends to bypass TV’s annual haggle for commercial inventory, according to four executives familiar with recent discussions. The company behind such products and services as Windows, LinkedIn, the Halo video games and Surface tablets instead favors taking its chances in what is known as TV’s “scatter” market, the purchase of ad time bought closer to run date.

Microsoft Completes Xandr Acquisition From AT&T

Microsoft’s acquisition of Xandr from AT&T has officially closed, the company announced Monday, allowing the company to build up its ad business — particularly in connected television and linking it to search advertising. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but reports estimate the price at about $1 billion.

NAB Show: Avid Promotes Future Of Remote Collaboration In Video Production

At the NAB Show in Las Vegas (through April 27), Avid, in collaboration with Microsoft and Haivision, is unveiling technology previews of “solutions that create more powerful remote collaboration.” Jointly demonstrated […]

NAB Show: Evertz Launches Live Media Production Solution to Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Evertz, a global provider of media and entertainment technology solutions, has debuted its DreamCatcher BRAVO Studio on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, giving media companies and enterprises “a flexible and cost-effective all-in-one production studio for […]

MediaKind Sets Enhanced Strategic Partnership With Microsoft To Accelerate Video Digital Transformation

MediaKind today announces an extension to its strategic partnership with Microsoft Corp. to enable new opportunities for video content owners, broadcasters, operators, and enterprises to accelerate their video digital transformation. […]