Fox News To Host Bloomberg Town Hall On Eve Of Super Tuesday

Californians Bombarded With Bloomberg Ads

The billionaire candidate, a late entrant in the primary race, is pouring money into Super Tuesday states voting on March 3 and saturating them to a degree that political media strategists and ad-tracking firms said is unprecedented. Bloomberg, who has spent about half a billion dollars blanketing the country with ads, has shelled out about $50 million on cable, broadcast and radio ads in California, according to ad tracking firm Advertising Analytics.


The Limits Of Bloomberg’s Massive Ad Spend

Unrivaled advertising in Super Tuesday states gave him a bump, but it won’t be enough to win.


Judge Judy Rules In Favor Of Mike Bloomberg

Joe Ferullo: “Mike Bloomberg just released a new campaign ad featuring the most trusted jurist in America. It’s not the Chief Justice, but — for a billionaire candidate who needs to connect with working class voters — someone much better: Judith Sheindlin, known in most homes as TV’s Judge Judy. Most voters don’t ultimately make choices based on their favorite television characters. Sheindlin could be different.”