Former VP Mike Pence Narrating Docuseries About Rush Limbaugh For Fox Nation

Member Of Conservative Think Tank Takes On Reporter Duties On Air Force Two

Pence Op-Ed Targets Virus, Media

In an op-ed published Tuesday in The Wall Street Journal, Vice President Mike Pence suggested the idea of a second wave of the coronavirus is one big media hoax.

Voice of America Reporter Says He Was Banned From Air Force Two Over Report On Mike Pence’s Maskless Mayo Clinic Visit

Pence Reverses, Lets Officials Appear On CNN

Vice President Mike Pence’s office has reversed itself and will now allow two top public health officials to appear on CNN, after earlier blocking the medical professionals from appearing on the network because it has not carried the nightly White House Coronavirus Task Force briefings in their entirety.

Pence’s Office Is Blocking Coronavirus Task Force Officials From Appearing On CNN

Vice President Pence’s office says it is blocking members of the White House coronavirus task force from appearing on CNN until the network televises the portion of the daily briefings that includes the VP and other coronavirus task force members.


Make Mike Pence The New Press Secretary

Jack Shafer: “His coronavirus briefings reminded anybody who was paying attention how much value news consumers used to get from them, before the Trump administration turned the daily White House briefing into a misinformation event under press secretaries Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders. When Stephanie Grisham took the job, she essentially ended them.”


Video Of Pence Neb. Visit Limited To Sinclair, FNC

The Nebraska Broadcasters Association says the vice president granted exclusive access to his helicopter inspection of flood damage to KPTM Omaha, other Sinclair stations and Fox News rather than making the station’s coverage part of pool coverage. NBA President Jim Timm: “This action significantly handicapped local broadcasters across Nebraska from distributing vital information to the victims of this devastation and to the general public.”

Pence Echos Trump Media Marginalization

Preaching to the conservative choir, Vice President Mike Pence echoed President Trump’s attacks on the media, news and entertainment. Pence, himself a former radio broadcaster, was speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington Friday, March 1.

Behar Apologizes For Christianity Comment

NEW YORK (AP) — Joy Behar of “The View” apologized Tuesday for suggesting mental illness was behind claims by people that Jesus Christ talks to them, in remarks made on her show last month about Vice President Mike Pence. Her comments launched a protest that made it all the way to a shareholder’s meeting of […]

Woodruff: Pence Sees Public Media’s Benefits

PBS NewsHour anchor Judy Woodruff told public broadcasting executives Tuesday that at least one person in President Trump’s administration is “clearly aware of the many benefits” of public media. Woodruff said she “thought it was significant” that Vice President Mike Pence gave NewsHour his first interview after being nominated at the Republican National Convention, as well as his first interview after taking office.


Trump VP Pick Pence Has Been Pro-Press

Unlike Donald Trump, who has made his anti-media sentiments known, running mate Mike Pence, who was a leader in the persistent, but ultimately unsuccessful, effort in Congress to pass a shield law, has been a champion of freedom of the press. “As a conservative who believes in limited government, I believe the only check on government power in real time is a free and independent press,” Pence once wrote, “A free press ensures the flow of information to the public.”


GOP VP Choice May Be Conflict For WTTV’s Pence

Indiana Gov. Pulls Plug On State News Service

Ind. Gov. Distances Self From News Service

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence told a conservative talk show host Wednesday that he would reject any version of his new “Just IN” website that looks like state-run media, continuing to distance himself from a written news service plan developed by his staff.

Indiana Gov. Will Launch State-Run Media

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is launching a state-run news outlet to generate stories written by state communications officials and share them with other news outlets. The new outlet, dubbed “Just IN,” will also “break” stories about Pence’s administration. The effort, planned for a late February launch, will be taxpayer-supported.