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Locast Now Offers Minneapolis-St. Paul Stations

The free streaming service offers viewers more than 45 TV channels.

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Top 20 Market Social Media Report: Minneapolis

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All Twin Cities TV News To Be Led By Women

Mary Richards may have inspired viewers as a go-to news producer, but she never made it to the top of the WJM ladder. Now her real-life descendants are taking care of business. Women will run the top four TV newsrooms in the Twin Cities, the only U.S. major market that can make that claim. The deal was sealed last Tuesday when WCCO announced that Kari Patey would replace Mike Caputa as the CBS affiliate’s news director next month.


Minneapolis: Coming Off A Strong July

In Minneapolis, an unexpectedly strong July has helped boost the local media economy, and that has set the tone for what looks to be a healthy second half of the year. July is typically a slow month for TV in the market, but this year spending came in at higher levels than stations projected.


Minneapolis: Coming Off A Political Blitz

In Minneapolis-St. Paul, political ad clutter is about to give way to a rush of holiday retail spending, with the market expected to remain healthy on both TV and radio into 2015. In recent weeks political advertising dominated local TV in the Twin Cities, with spending for a governor’s race, a U.S. Senate race and two tight congressional races overwhelming the market. Political was good for local stations’ bottom lines, but it wasn’t as good for other local advertisers in the market.


Retail Revs Up TV Spending In Twin Cities

Coming off a slow April, the Minneapolis-St. Paul market has picked up considerably for May and June, boosted by retail and the onset of political spending. Buyers in the market say April was sluggish but spending for the remainder of second quarter is pacing up high-single-digits versus a year ago, with morning news and primetime the tightest dayparts.


Twin Cities: Spending’s Way Up On TV

TV and radio in Minneapolis-St. Paul are off to a strong start in 2013, and there are signs the healthy conditions will continue well into spring and beyond. Gains in auto, home improvement and health insurance are driving the TV market up 10%-15%. Come in late and you’ll pay double the going rate.

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Mike Caputa Named WCCO News Director

Mike Caputa, acting news director, was given the top news slot permanently at the Minneapolis CBS O&O on Friday. He succeeds Scott Libin who left in October.

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WCCO Anchor Shelby To Step Down After 32 Years