MipTV Gathered More Than 5,000, Mipcom To Return In Super-Sized Format In October

After drawing more than 5,000 delegates at MipTV, Reed Exhibition has confirmed that Mipcom will return in a super-sized format in October. Lucy Smith, the director of Mipcom and MipTV, said during a press conference Wednesday that the “majority of our major exhibitors at what was our last normal Mipcom in 2019 have already confirmed that they will not only be back, but in full force for 2022 — in the Palais and beyond.”

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Mipcom/MipTV Boss Laurine Garaude Steps Down After 12 Years

Laurine Garaude, the director of television at Mipcom and MipTV organizer Reed Midem, is leaving after more than a decade overseeing the two Cannes markets.