Troubleshooting In A Newly Converged Newsroom

Takeaways from combining a radio, TV, newspaper and magazine staff into one space for collaboration.

When It Comes To OTT, ‘Just Do It’

How do news organizations find their footing when the ground starts shifting? Here’s a hands-on view into the process that’s unfolding as newsrooms at the Missouri School of Journalism begin exploring and launching over-the-top products and projects.

RJI Names Director Of Aerial Journalism


KMGH’s John Ferrugia Wins Missouri Medal

Ferrugia, an investigative reporter for the Scripps-owned ABC affiliate in Denver and former CBS News correspondent, is one of 10 recipients of the award for a career in journalism.


Little Columbia Is Big On Experimentation

In the small Columbia-Jefferson City, Mo., market, newspaper and television sites are taking their cue from the University of Missouri’s respected journalism school and trying out new ways to present and monetize online media.