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MLB.TV, With 2022 Season In Flux, Won’t Auto-Renew Subscribers (Yet)


Why You Should Cancel MLB TV Before Tuesday

MLB.TV’s 2021 season plan included an auto-renewal feature, which means you will automatically be renewed for the 2022 season this Tuesday, March 1, at the 2021 regular season price of $129.99. That’s just two days from now. If you don’t cancel by then, you’re on the hook for the 2022 season even though we don’t know if there will be one. So whether you decide to renew or not, your decision will be made for you on Tuesday. There are no cancellations after that point.

MLB TV Finally Issues 2020 Refund Plan

MLB.TV Launches On Amazon Channels

Amazon on Wednesday announced that it’s adding the MLB.TV streaming service to its Prime Video Channels lineup, giving users the ability to sign up for the service on Amazon’s platform.

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