MRC Finalizes Mobile Ad Guidelines

The Media Rating Council Tuesday afternoon announced it has revised its mobile in-app and mobile web measurement guidelines. The announcement, which was made in conjunction with the IAB Tech Lab and the Mobile Marketing Association, said the decision finalizes guidelines that were offered for public comment earlier this year, effectively making them the ad industry’s new standard for mobile advertising.

Washington Post Unveils Own Mobile Ad Unit

The Washington Post has introduced Own, a first-of-its-kind ad unit that allows brands to quickly syndicate their new or existing content to The Post’s mobile audience. Developed by RED, The Post’s research, experimentation and development group, Own combines some of The Post’s “most ground-breaking commercial technologies to serve readers a more personalized advertising experience based on their previous content consumption,” it says.

ComScore Receives MRC Mobile Accreditation

Building on comScore’s recent MRC accreditation for SIVT filtration, this new accreditation targets cross-platform campaign planning.

Facebook To Test Immersive Mobile Ads

Facebook will start testing a new type of mobile ad on Thursday that it’s referring to as “immersive experiences.” The ads will give advertisers the ability to create fully-branded, interactive destinations featuring full-screen video, product information and other content.

Facebook Launches Mobile Ad Exchange

Facebook has expanded the capacities of LiveRail, its video ad server, to display mobile ads, enabling publishers to now sell both video and display ads on their mobile apps. The improvements also mean LiveRail will use its anonymized data to serve better targeted ads off the Facebook platform, and publishers using LiveRail will be able to add Facebook’s user data into the mix to get a better idea of who’s watching the ad.

Facebook Set To Launch Mobile Ad Network

Facebook is set to unveil its mobile ad network plans during its developer conference at the end of this month. Facebook is expected to push the network as a way to leverage its user information database for better ad targeting. Isaac notes that now the social media giant can make money from its billion-plus users even if those users are not on Facebook’s own properties.


Mobile Ads More Disruptive Than TV Spots

The common perception among advertisers is that mobile ads lack the disruptive quality that make print and TV impressions so valuable. But new research suggests that users find mobile ads far more interruptive — and annoying — than those on TV.