What You Need In A Mobile Journalism Toolkit

Geoff Roth, news director at Nexstar’s KREX-KFQX Grand Junction, Colo., is convinced that smartphones and apps are on the way to replacing the traditional TV live trucks and edit bays. He’s a veteran TV news director who had an epiphany about mobile reporting when his reporters in Houston were able to go live using iPads while the competition couldn’t, unable to get a signal from a satellite truck during a violent storm. He lists some of his favorite gear.

The Advantages Of Mobile Journalism

If done right, mobile journalism has four key advantages. First, it’s a force multiplier, expanding an organization’s visual assets on the scene. It can also go to social fast, allows working on a single platform and, via apps, lets journalists create content that’s often more engaging than traditional modes.

Essential Trends For Mobile Journalism

Robb Montgomery outlines four key trends that will guide mobile journalism forward. They include cards (in the Circa mode), learning user behavior and selecting content around it, more verical video and more mobile-native (e.g., briefer) storytelling.