Aveco, ETV Bharat Win IBC Innovation Award

Independent automation provider Aveco, along with its customer Hyderabad-based Ramoji Group’s ETV Bharat App in India, have been awarded the 2019 IBC Innovation Award in the Content Everywhere category for the automation system that drives the 24 studios and 24 fulltime news channels in 13 languages for mobile news consumption. The award was presented for […]

Tegna In Digital, Mobile-First Content Deal

It’s collaborating with Independent Media’s The Outline on mobile-first storytelling and investigative content across platforms.

GroupM Sets Worldwide Viewability Standards

WPP’s GroupM today announced it is imposing its viewability standards globally and strengthening them for social and mobile newsfeed environments. It’s also undertaking a research to study the performance of social and newsfeed video.

Mobile News Growth Driven By Older Adults

Mobile devices have rapidly become one of the most common ways for Americans to get news, and the sharpest growth in the past year has been among Americans ages 50 and older, according to a Pew Research Center survey.

How Mobile Is Changing News Consumption

Newer partnerships are possible, but more tech investment and smarter advertising is also necessary as mobile solidifies its place as the dominant form factor for news consumption. Marty Swant reports from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where vertical video’s big future is also a mobile priority.


Mobile News Needs Technology Overhaul

Mobile is unlike anything media companies have seen before, not just because of the new opportunities that portability brings, but because it levels the playing field between consumer and media professional. Because their is no “audience” for mobile Web, only participants, media companies need to devise a new approach. Terry Heaton: “Mobile news demands its own model, because mobile is its own form of media. It’s not an extension of the way we currently do things; it’s entirely new, because the consumers of news have exactly the same gear we in media have, and that creates a paradigm never seen before in the history of newsgathering or news making.”

ONA 2013

New Habits Push News To Mobile-First

Mobile experts from CNN, NBC’s Breaking News website and The Boston Globe, speaking at the Online News Association’s annual conference on Thursday, had a litany of ground game tips for newsrooms venturing into the mobile space. The panel agreed that adopting a new set of habits is essential to mobile success.

Discovering Mobile News Demographics

In the growing realm of mobile news, men and the more highly educated emerge as more engaged news consumers, according to a new study. These findings parallel, for the most part, demographic patterns of general news consumption. One area where younger users distinguish themselves involves advertising in the tablet news space: 18-to 29-year-old tablet news users touch or click on ads when getting news to a far greater degree than older generations

To Win Mobile Race, It’s All About Interface

Now that local TV is starting to get hip to the possibilities of mobile news, it’s time to look at what can make an app stand out. The best apps are those that take content you have and present them in a new, engaging way. The worst? The apps that just list the stories you have on your website.