Live Streaming: The Link Between TV, Social?

Verizon Seeks Money in Mobile TV

Verizon Communications is embarking on a plan to make money from delivering TV over mobile phones. Past efforts by rivals show the chances of success are slim. Unlike those efforts, Verizon is giving away its service, starting this week, to teens and millennials, and will try to recoup some of the cost by selling ads. The company faces long odds.

Verizon Seeks Millennials With Free Mobile TV

Verizon Communications is hoping that millennials will start flipping their mobile phones 90 degrees and streaming live and on-demand television. The telecommunications company plans to announce this week the start of a free, ad-supported mobile streaming service called Go90, a reference to the behavior of rotating a phone to watch videos in landscape mode. Aimed at 18- to 34-year-olds, the service will be available to all users, regardless of whether or not they are Verizon customers.

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