V-Nova LCEVC Approved For Use In Mobile Devices By Kineton

V-Nova, a provider of video compression solutions, has had its codec-enhancer V-Nova LCEVC validated for use in mobile devices following laboratory testing by market-leading testing and certification company Kineton. Outlined within a new report, the 10-week testing period recreated the end-user experience and focused on four key areas of measurement: frames-per-second playback, dropped frames, adaptive bitrate […]


Automation, digital-friendly content and a local meteorologist can dramatically increase video views in apps, OTT, web

TV stations can rapidly increase digital video views — and advertising impressions — by adding automated tools that enable meteorologists to easily produce mobile friendly forecasts and schedule them to appear throughout the day, according to a Fireside Chat that took place during TV2025: Monetizing the Future. One TV station expanded mobile video views from 3,000-4,000 per month to 80,000-90,000 per month just 30 days after implementing Max Engage. Newer tools like Weather Insight use AI to target weather to users’ exact location.

Wireless Companies Slow Down Mobile Video

The major U.S. wireless carriers are slowing streaming video traffic, according to a new report by researchers investigating net neutrality. They add the throttling practices they observed are creating “an unlevel playing field for video streaming providers while also imposing engineering challenges.”

Penthera Named Akamai Media Technology Partner

Penthera, a provider of mobile video streaming software, has been qualified by Akamai, the intelligent edge platform for securing and delivering digital experiences, as a Media Technology Partner. Penthera’s Download2Go and other solutions that optimize the mobile video experience are used by TV networks and content hubs to increase customer engagement. As part of the partnership, Akamai’s sales team will […]

Mobile Video Editing Tips And Tools

Katzenberg Is Betting Big On Mobile Video

Since last year, the former DreamWorks Animation CEO has been making the rounds in Hollywood and at big industry events to pitch an ambitious new project, the holding company WndrCo. Among other things, WndrCo is building a global video platform for short- and mid-form content, which would be anchored by shows from some of the top Hollywood talent at production levels to rival HBO and Netflix.

Meg Whitman To Lead Mobile Video Venture

Jeffrey Katzenberg has recruited former HP CEO Meg Whitman to run his mobile video venture. Whitman will serve as CEO of the company, NewTV, and will begin on March 1 in Los Angeles. Katzenberg has said he hopes to create a new type of serialized, mobile-first content through NewTV and has been actively searching for investors to pump $2 billion into the venture. He will serve as chairman of NewTV.

Mobile Video To Hit $25B Globally In 5 Years

The money is mostly coming from advertisers trying to reach a growing mobile video audience, according to a new report. Inspiring this ad spend, the report also predicts that mobile video viewers will more than double to 2 billion users by the end of 2022.

Verizon Takes Stake In AwesomenessTV

Verizon Communications has made a deal to become a new equity partner in AwesomenessTV, the popular YouTube original video multichannel network — a pact that will also boost its new premium mobile video service. Verizon has bought a 24.5% stake in the company — making it an equal partner with Hearst, which will own exactly the same 24.5% stake.

Sinclair Buys Stake In Mobile Video Firm Burst

Hunt Valley-based Sinclair Broadcast Group has made an undisclosed equity investment in Burst, the mobile video company said Monday. Sinclair took the stake through its Sinclair Digital Ventures subsidiary, which it started in 2015 to invest in early-stage digital technology and content companies.

Top 5 Strategies To Create Better Mobile Video

There is plenty being said and written about the explosion in video consumption on mobile devices, but very few local news organizations seem to be producing content specifically for mobile viewing. Resources are definitely an issue, but the time is coming when reporters may no longer be doing a “Web version” of their stories, rather they will produce a “mobile version” — or maybe both.

Smartphones Drive Rise In Mobile Video Use

Mobile video viewing is growing as a share of all digital video viewing, in large part due to the increase of smartphone viewing. In 3Q 2015, the share of smartphone digital video starts worldwide was 18.1%, an increase from the year before where the share was 13.6%. The share of digital videos viewed on a smartphone was up 33% year over year.

Programmatic Mobile Video Booming

Many advertisers see video as the future of mobile advertising, and that vision is starting to get backed up by hard numbers.

Mobile Video Brings Viewers Back To TV

Mobile video increasingly isn’t just about short-form videos. A new global survey finds that nearly 40% of people questioned say they watch videos five minutes or longer on their phones daily or more frequently, per a new Interactive Advertising Bureau survey.

Mobile Video Spend Struggling To Catch Up

In the U.S., spending on mobile video advertising will grow more than 70% to reach $2.62 billion in 2015 — over one-third of the estimated $7.77 billion to be spent on digital video ads. But a new eMarketer report shows it still underperforms as a share of digital video spending in comparison with desktop.

NFL Stands By Its Digital Push To Reach Fans

NFL Now, a mobile video service, provides game highlights, updates and news reports directly to fans and competes with TV and cable networks.


How Will 4G Adoption Affect Mobile Video?

The implementation of 3G networks marked a sea change in the way consumers could use their mobile devices, according to a new eMarketer report, “The 4G Factor: Faster Mobile Networks Fuel Content Consumption.” Does the advent of 4G networks, still in the early stage of adoption, hold the same promise?

Time Inc. To Launch Mobile Video Channel

Magazine publisher Time Inc. will launch a mobile-specific video brand by year’s end. “You’ll see something from over the next four to six weeks — a video-only offering in mobile,” says company video senior VP J.R. McCabe.

Mobile Video Tops Web, TV In Ad Results

In its latest ad test, AdColony worked with Nielsen, an unnamed CPG brand and Horizon Media to assess the performance of the same 15-second spot in live campaigns across TV, online and mobile (smartphones and tablets). The study found that consumers exposed to the mobile video ads had significantly higher brand awareness, favorability and purchase interest.

Mobile Vid To Reach A Third Of Users By 2016

According to eMarketer estimates, about a quarter (25.2%) of mobile customers now access video on their handsets — a share that will rise to 42.4% in 2016. That means that streaming video on mobile will be touching 110 million, or 33.5% of all Americans, in four years.


22 Million Used Mobile Video In 2Q

While the number of people watching videos on their mobile phones remains relatively small compared to TV, they are increasingly using the devices to that end. On a year-to-year basis, the number of people watching mobile video increased more than 43%, while the amount of time spent doing so was up almost 7%.