Rising Costs Prompt Plans By 44% Of Americans To Cancel A TV Subscription

Television became a lifeline for American households during the pandemic, but a new report from Mohu suggests the financial investment in TV services has hit a tipping point.

Antennas Direct Buys Mohu In OTA Deal

Antennas Direct said it acquired Mohu to become the largest antenna company in the U.S. at a time when more consumers are cutting the cable TV cord.

Antenna Retailer Mohu Joins TVfreedom Coalition

Raleigh, N.C.-based Mohu, a U.S. HDTV antenna retailer, has joined ithe TVfreedom coalition. Mohu joins local broadcasters, community advocates, network television affiliate associations, multicast networks and other retailers of over-the-air broadcast television products and services. Mohu is the 30th organization to join TVfreedom, and will work with TVfreedom coalition members to help push for federal […]

OTA + OTT + Web Content = Mohu Channels

Mohu — maker of a top-rated indoor HDTV antenna for cord-cutters who still want access to over-the-air channels — has released Moho Channels, a device intended to combine over-the-air, over-the-top and Web content in a single interface.

Mohu Offers Low-Cost HDTV Antennas

Raleigh, N.C.-based Mohu offers a new kind of digital TV antenna that, for as little as $25, picks up high-definition TV signal without the need for a cable box.

Mohu Hires CMO To Make Over-The-Air Cool Again

Mohu To Release Smart TV Antenna With OTT

The maker of indoor TV antennas wants to get into the over-the-top business and plans to release a new device early next year that includes a built-in antenna for over-the-air signals and software to access over-the-top content from services like Netflix and Hulu. “Cord-cutters watch over-the-air broadcasts, but most people want more than just that,” says Mohu CEO Mark Buff. “You need over-the-air coupled with a Netflix, Hulu or Amazon.”

New Mohu Indoor Antenna Has Some Curves

Mohu Unveils Its Cord-Cutting Antenna Tool