Court Denies Rehearing On Multilingual EAS

Public interest group MMTC had petitioned the US Court of Appeals for a rehearing on its decision upholding the FCC decision deciding not to impose any multilingual EAS obligations on broadcasters. The full Court of Appeals has just issued a one sentence order denying that reconsideration request. While, theoretically, MMTC’s next appeal would be to the Supreme Court, lacking an issue of major significance or constitutional importance, that is unlikely.


Court Rejects Appeal Of Multilingual EAS

The U.S. Court of Appeals yesterday issued an order that denied the appeal of an FCC order that rejected a requirement that multilingual EAS alerts be provided in every market.


FCC Seeks Comments On Multilingual EAS

The proposal would require that all primary EAS stations broadcast national alerts in both English and Spanish, and that state EAS plans should designate stations to provide emergency information in other languages where there are significant populations that have a primary language other than English or Spanish. Comments on this proposal are due on April 28, and replies by May 12.