Stations Face ‘Formidable’ Spectrum Lobby

It’s an uphill fight for broadcasters trying to stall or mitigate the FCC’s plan to reclaim a large hunk of broadcast spectrum and repurpose it for wireless broadband. The plan enjoys the backing of some of the biggest names in wireless, consumer electronics and the high-tech world, not to mention the White House and fiscal conservatives on the Hill.

NAB’s Smith: Dish, TWC ‘Hoarding’ Spectrum

The charge against the cable and satellite operators comes in a letter to key members of Congress. The NAB president also calls for a government investigation into “spectrum hoarding and/or spectrum speculation.”

NAB’s Smith: Dish, TWC ‘Hoarding’ Spectrum

The charged that the cable and satellite operators are warehousing and speculating in spectrum comes in a letter to key members of Congress. Smith says the government needs to investigate “spectrum hoarding and/or spectrum speculation.”

Carsey-Werner To Join NAB Hall Of Fame

Entertainment Tonight’s Mary Hart will host the induction of Carsey-Werner Productions into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame during the NAB Show in Las Vegas on April 11.


NAB Looking For New Top Tech Executive

The trade association has a head hunter searching for an EVP of technology who will be its “principal technologist and technology policy strategist,” reporting directly to President Gordon Smith.

NAB’s Smith Leads Stations In Spectrum Fray

Veteran politician,businessman and now the top evangelist for broadcasters, Gordon Smith, the president of the National Association of Broadcasters, is telling his former Capitol Hill colleagues that the federal government’s plan to bolster wireless networks could end up darkening signals for hundreds of stations around the country.

Broadcasters Want Hold On White Spaces

The National Association of Broadcasters and the Association of Maximum Service Television asked a federal appeals court on Monday to hold off on ruling on their appeal of the FCC’s white spaces decision until the commission finishes hearing more challenges to those rules.

NAB 2011

Eddie Fritts To Receive NAB’s DSA

The longtime National Association of Broadcasters president will be presented with the group’s top honor at the opening keynote of this year’s convention in Las Vegas on April 11.

NAB To FCC: Keep Retrans Review ‘Fair’

Hearst’s David Barrett, Barrington’s Chris Cornelius and Schurz’s Marci Burdick give FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell a list of questions they say the commission needs to consider as it proceeds with its review of the retransmission consent process. They also urge the FCC to not approach the whole exercise with the assumption that there is a problem that needs to be fixed.


Late Deal Saves Super Bowl Telecast

Football fans who might have been left in the dark during the Super Bowl this Sunday were granted a reprieve when a last-minute deal temporarily ended a media standoff that had revived calls for regulators to intervene in TV programming disputes.

New Mobile DTV Receive Antennas Detailed

NAB FASTROAD-funded projects develop small VHF, UHF antennas for mobile DTV receivers in cell phones and other devices.

NAB’s Smith Responds To State Of The Union

While praising the president’s plan to focus attention on expanding wireless broadband to rural America, NAB CEO Gordon Smith also urged Congress “to consider a holistic approach to the wireless broadband issue, including passage of spectrum inventory legislation that fully identifies fallow or warehoused airwaves.”

NAB: Market Definitions Don’t Need Changing

It ain’t broke, so don’t try to fix it. That was the gist of the National Association of Broadcasters’ comments Monday to the FCC about the current system of determining who is eligible to receive out-of-market TV stations signals.

Cumming Named NAB Communications VP

Ann Marie Cumming will handle public policy outreach, manage media activities for the NAB Show and be responsible for NAB’s Public Service Initiatives division.

CES 2011

NAB’s Smith Blasts Shapiro Over Spectrum

The broadcasting lobbyist says that Consumer Electronics Association President Gary Shapiro’s opening speech accusing TV broadcasters of “squatting now on our broadband future” misses the mark. “He simply sees a world of wireless broadband, and that’s just not what the future holds,” Smith said. And the NAB chief also accused Shapiro of being out of touch: “He apparently was writing a book and missed the cord-cutting phenomenon.”

NAB Kicks Off ‘Future Of TV’ Campaign

The consumer-focused promotional campaign features TV and radio spots that direct viewers and listeners to a new informational website,

Broadcasters Give Congress Static

The National Association of Broadcasters is pinching the nerves of some lawmakers on Capitol Hill, where tensions are already flaring with the end of the session fast approaching. Some Democratic and GOP staffers say their bosses are tired of negotiating with the NAB on lingering policy issues because the trade association seems unwilling to hammer out a compromise, especially on radio issues.

NAB Promoting Future Of Broadcast TV

Broadcasters are urged to air new TV and radio spots Jan. 4-24 in conjunction with the launch of

Pizzi Joins NAB Science & Tech Department

The National Association of Broadcasters announced today the hiring of Skip Pizzi as director, digital strategies. Pizzi, who will join NAB on Dec. 20, will report to Lynn Claudy, SVP of science and technology. Most recently, Pizzi was technology editor at Radio Ink magazine, and a media technology consultant for U.S. and international broadcasters, government […]

NAB’s Smith: Super Bowl Could Go To Pay TV

If the government injects itself into the “private business negotiations of retrans,” says NAB President Gordon Smith, it could ultimately mean the flight of the Super Bowl from free TV.