National Enquirer Publisher Seeking To Sell Tabloid

Prosecutors Probing Enquirer After Bezos Report

Federal prosecutors are looking into the National Enquirer’s handling of a story about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ extramarital affair to see if the tabloid’s publisher violated a cooperation agreement with prosecutors, the Associated Press reported on Friday.

Ronan Farrow Says National Enquirer Also Threatened Him

Bezos Accuses National Enquirer Of Extortion

Bezos, who is also owner of The Washington Post, detailed his interactions with American Media Inc., or AMI, in an extraordinary blog post Thursday on The billionaire did not say the tabloid was seeking money — instead, he said, the Enquirer wanted him to make a public statement that the tabloid’s coverage was not politically motivated.

Trump Wanted To Buy National Enquirer Stories

Before the election in 2016, Trump and his lawyer at the time, Michael D. Cohen, devised a plan to buy up all the dirt on Trump that the National Enquirer and its parent company had collected on him, dating back to the 1980s, according to several of Trump’s associates.

Richard Simmons Sues National Enquirer For Libel

AMI Bringing National Enquirer To TV


National Enquirer Pitching Reality Show To CBS