News Storytelling Under Stress To Be Examined At NewsTECHForum

Journalists from NBCLX, AJ+ and NBCU- and Graham-owned stations will share their novel approaches to news and weather storytelling in a remarkable year at TVNewsCheck’s virtual NewsTECHForum event in December. Register here.

Sinclair Names Headline Service ‘The National Desk’

It will highlight the latest and most pressing news of the day in real time for viewers across the country and will be available across Sinclair broadcast, digital and over-the-top platforms.

NewsNet Launches Free News Video Service

NewsNet Wire is a content-sharing service allowing stations to access stories of regional and national interest — produced both by the NewsNet network and other NewsNet wire affiliates — while sharing their own video with other stations.

Sinclair To Launch Headline News Service

In the initial phase, it will air weekday mornings from 6 to 9 across Sinclair’s CW and MNT affiliates, as well as on STIRR, Sinclair’s free, over-the-top streaming platform. It’s hiring to fill 25 new positions to staff the new initiative.


The Mission Must Drive Journalists’ Questions

Margaret Sullivan: Journalism is a mess these days. But it’s the kind of mess that American journalists could come out of stronger and better if they — and the American people they serve — grapple with some difficult questions.

Trusting The News Media In The Trump Era

Partisan dynamics overshadow other factors in Americans’ evaluations of the news media.

Study: Trump Fans Critical Of Journalists

A Pew Research Center study found that 17% of Republicans who somewhat approve of Trump’s performance said they believe journalists have very low ethical standards, and 12% of “never-Trump” Republicans felt that way. However, 40% of Republicans who strongly approve of Trump agree that reporters have very low ethical standards. Another 45% answered low, leaving out the “very,” the Pew study said.


Sharing Strategies For Launching OTT Services

Executives from leading local and national news players in the OTT space discuss their various options for packaging and presenting content on the platform. Also crucial is figuring out how best to differentiate one’s OTT service from the many competing options, overcoming a lack of viewing metrics and personalizing content for viewers.

Pew: Americans Say Made-Up News Damaging

Many Americans say the creation and spread of made-up news and information is causing significant harm to the nation and needs to be stopped, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. They blame political leaders and activists far more than journalists for the problem. But they believe it is primarily the responsibility of journalists to fix it.


Local Bests National TV In La. Flood News

Ken Wheaton says that while national TV coverage of the flooding in Louisiana was lacking, local TV deserves praise. “The local TV guys … worked this story hard, despite having their own families and homes to worry about. And the video of a rescue of a woman and her dog trapped in her car aired by WAFB out of Baton Rouge should win an Emmy and an Oscar and whatever else we give trophies for these days. That was a compelling and harrowing narrative. Just the sort of thing that national news outlets would pick up and run with until we were desensitized. But even there, you guys were slow to pick it up. I saw that clip on Facebook. In fact, I saw everything on Facebook.”


Viewers: Sawyer, Cooper Favorite Anchors

Last month, Harris Interactive surveyed 2,016 adults, giving them a list of 26 current affairs personalities and asking them to name their three favorites and three least favorites. Coming in first place under the “favorite” umbrella was ABC’s Diane Sawyer, who was beloved by 23% of poll-takers. Katie Couric was the least favorite at 10%.