Nick Ascheim And The Power Of The Peacock

The 90-year-old, radio-born NBC brand, one of the strongest in the media business, means a slew of different things to different people. As Nick Ascheim, NBC News Digital’s still relatively new head charts an ambitious 2017 course, he’ll be doing lots of defining. He revealed his “Three Pillars” strategy within the company — to a group he now calls NBC’s Digital Coalition — in a town hall a couple of weeks ago, and now talks about it here in depth.

NBC’s ‘Today’ Wins EPPY For Web Redesign

NBC Digital Layoffs Underway

NBC Digital began laying off employees this morning.  Reports on the number fired so far vary wildly, ranging from “four staffers” to “bloodbath.” The layoffs are the result of a restructuring underway by Rob Hayes, NBC’s EVP digital media.