CBS, Netflix In Canada, Latin Am. Streaming Deal

CBS Corp. and Netflix Inc. today announced a two-year, non-exclusive international licensing agreement that will enable certain television shows from across CBS Corp. to be streamed instantly to Netflix subscribers in Canada and Latin America. The agreement follows a separate domestic deal announced between the two companies in February. Terms of the deal were not […]

Data Charges Ahead For Netflix Subs?

Netflix this week declared that the future of video entertainment is online, saying the DVD market has “peaked.” But as the company and its rivals press further into streaming their videos over the Web, they face a game-changing threat: Internet service providers that are moving to charge consumers for every bit of data they consume.

Televisa Signs Deal With Netflix

Netflix Braces For Growth Slowdown

The company’s sobering forecast Monday overshadowed its second-quarter earnings that easily topped Wall Street’s expectations. Netflix’s shares plummeted by more than 10%, largely because the company expects its results for the current quarter ending in September to miss the targets set by industry analysts. The downturn is expected following the company’s recent announcement of changes to its online video and DVD rental service that will raise prices by as much as 60%.

After Netflix: Where Else To Get Your Flick Fix

For the disgruntled bunch, or those looking to expand their media-consumption horizons, there are a growing number of options for watching movies and TV shows online, on DVDs or through cable TV’s on-demand services.

Blockbuster Looks To Woo Unhappy Netflix Renters

NBCU, Netflix Renew TV, Film Agreement

The multi-year, non-exclusive deal Includes film and television library content new to Netflix.

Netflix Raises Rates, Irks Subscribers

The company is raising prices by up to 60% for its DVDs by mail/Intenet service, with new subscribers affected immediately. Current subscribers would have to pay the increase starting Sept. 1.


Netflix, Hulu Popularity Means Cord-Cutting

Netflix Shows No Interest In Hulu Sale

The sale of online video site Hulu is entering its next phase, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. The potential sale has garnered interest from a bevy of companies, including Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and DirecTV. But there is one notable exception: Hulu rival Netflix has not courted the site. Journal subscribers can read the full story here.

Netflix Streams Into 43 More Countries

Netflix, which boasts 23 million-plus subscribers in the U.S. and Canada, will expand into 43 more countries in Latin America and the Caribbean later this year. The locales stretch from Barbados to Brazil, a critical developing market for many companies.

Netflix, Hulu Look To UK For Content

You may have seen the original BBC version of “The Office,” but have you seen the sketch show “A Bit of Fry & Laurie” with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry? What about Steve Coogan’s talk-show parody, “Knowing Me, Knowing You With Alan Partridge”? Or how about the 2003 political thriller “State of Play”? Catching these […]


Netflix Users More Likely To Cut Pay-TV Cord

A survey of 2,000 adult broadband users in the United States has found that people who use Netflix to stream Internet video to their TV are twice as likely to cancel or cut back their cable television payment options as they were a year ago.

Netflix Problems: Sign Of Things To Come?

Netflix has had a rough few days with a Web site outage and a contract dispute that led it to pull Sony movies from its streaming service. These two issues independently aren’t a big deal, but they do highlight how Netflix is under more scrutiny as it grows.


Cable Operators To Netflix: Bring It On

Cable operators say they are happy to compete with Netflix. But they think the high cost of sports and live programming will ultimately keep Netflix out of the game.

Matcha Connects With Netflix, Hulu

CBS’s Poltrack: Netflix Is A ‘Phenomenon’

Netflix’s online streaming service is rapidly emerging as an important gateway for accessing television programming, according to a tracking study revealed by CBS research chief David Poltrack. He used the term “phenomenon” several times to describe the rapid adoption of Netflix, especially among an important segment of the TV audience known as early adopters of next-generation media platforms. He estimated that the size of Netflix’s prime-time streaming audience is about the same as a “mid-size cable network,” and is growing fast.

Netflix Prepared To Pay More For TV, Movies

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings wouldn’t be surprised if Netflix had to pay up to $200 million to renew a licensing deal with Liberty Media’s Starz network.

Netflix CEO: We Don’t Want War With Cable

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is pleased with his company’s massive growth, but he fears that getting too large will start “an Armageddon” with cable networks.

Netflix To License More Original Programs

After acquiring first-run rights to David Fincher’s House of Cards, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and CFO David Wells are trying to build a big audience for a well-produced serialized show.

Netflix CEO Hastings’ Pay Doubled To $5.5 Million

Internet-Enabled TV Scores With Netflix Users

Although more U.S. homes have Internet-connected TVs, watching online video on TV is still a small entertainment activity unless your name is Netflix.

TV Viewers Like Long-Form Digital Content

Longer-form digital entertainment content destinations continue to gain popularity among U.S. TV viewers. In March, Netflix remained the biggest digital platform when it comes to the most time spent per viewer, coming in at just under 10 hours a month. Netflix was up 6.6% in March over February, to 9 hours and 53 minutes — much of this coming from its longer movie content.

Netflix To Stream ‘Mad Men’ Reruns

The video service paid nearly $1 million per episode for all seven seasons of the AMC drama, which will begin airing July 27.

Netflix To Stream ‘Glee,’ ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

The expanded arrangement with Twentieth Century Fox also covers older shows, such as Ally McBeal and The Wonder Years.

Netflix Downgrades Videos In Canada, Blames ISPs

Miramax Talking With Netflix, Google, Hulu

Independent film studio Miramax is in licensing talks with Netflix and other video services — including Amazon, Hulu and Google — to distribute its 700-film library online. No agreement has been reached, however the terms for any deal would likely exceed $100 million.

Starz Delays Netflix’s Access To Originals

Showtime Keeps Current Episodes Off Netflix

Netflix Gets Into The TV Business

Netflix today said it had acquired the North American rights to at least 26 episodes of House of Cards, instantly making the streaming movie service a player in premium television programming. The deal, first reported several days ago, astonished television industry executives because it effectively makes Netflix a network just like ABC or HBO. Netflix, in fact, outbid HBO for the rights to House of Cards, which is to be directed by David Fincher, the director of The Social Network, and will star Kevin Spacey.

Netflix In Talks For Original Series

Netflix Inc. is in advanced talks to distribute a forthcoming television series directed by David Fincher and starring Kevin Spacey, said people familiar with the talks. If such a deal were to come to fruition it would add a new competitor to the television industry by increasing the degree to which Netflix vies with premium cable channels like Time Warner Inc.’s HBO.

Netflix Making Traditional Pay TV Nervous

A year ago, Netflix had 12 million subscribers; today, it has 20 million. During periods of peak Internet use, a fifth of all American bandwidth consumption is by people watching movies via the streaming video service.

Netflix-CBS Deal Worth $200M, Says Analyst

Netflix and CBS aren’t disclosing terms of the deal they announced Tuesday, but an analyst said it’s worth $200 million. CBS will get that amount, according to a Wednesday research note from Barclays Capital analyst Anthony DiClemente, over two years for nonexclusive rights to stream such shows as The Twilight Zone, Star Trek, Family Ties, Twin Peaks, Cheers and Frasier.

CBS, Netflix Sign Two-Year Content Deal

CBS and Netflix have signed a two-year, non-exclusive licensing agreement that will allow subscribers of the web service to stream content from CBS’ library. Shows covered include Medium and Flashpoint along with older series like Frasier, Family Ties, Star Trek, the original Hawaii Five-O, Twin Peaks and The Twilight Zone.

Bewkes Gets Aggressive On VOD, Netflix

With digital technology rapidly disrupting the home entertainment business, Time Warner Inc. Chief Executive Jeff Bewkes is preparing aggressive moves in video-on-demand and against Netflix.


Netflix’s Star Shines In 4Q, Adds 3.1M Sub

LOS GATOS, Calif. (AP) – Netflix’s video subscription service reeled in another 3.1 million customers during the fourth quarter to help deliver a performance that was better than analysts anticipated. The results announced Wednesday are the latest evidence of Netflix’s increasingly important role in home and mobile entertainment. The fourth-quarter growth left Netflix with 20 […]

NATPE 2011

Netflix: We Are Content Community’s Friend

Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos says he will make deals with HBO. He also says that he sees market solutions for net neutrality.

Netflix Talking About Overseas Expansion

Online video and DVD distributor Netflix, which provides service in the U.S. and Canada, is talking with several advertising and media agencies about potential international assignments, according to sources.

Insiders Question Zucker ‘SNL’-Netflix Deal

Is NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker agreeing to deals that line the pockets of his closest allies before the Comcast takeover? That’s what some folks inside 30 Rock are saying in light of NBC Universal’s pact to sell video-streaming service Netflix fresh episodes of SNL a day after they air on TV. The move would appear to undermine Hulu in its quest to be the only place for in-season broadcast network fare. It’s all the more strange when one considers who created Hulu: NBCU.

Time Warner Views Netflix As A Fading Star

Netflix, now the envy of the media world, had a lucrative contract with Starz that gave it cheap content. That deal is expiring, and rivals are gloating.