Continuing NetNewsCheck’s Essential Mission

NetNewsCheck may have ceased opertion, but you’ll find key digital media stories affecting broadcasters and TV news as part of the expanded role of TVNewsCheck. NetNewsCheck Editor Michael Depp joins the TVNewsCheck team.

NetNewsCheck Names Managing Editor

Maggie Hillery, the former editor of The Austin American-Statesman and a veteran journalist and journalism educator, was named managing editor of and its companion e-newsletters.

AdMall, NetNewsCheck To Survey Local Media

NetNewsCheck will partner in conducting AdMall’s 2014 Local Media Sales Survey. Results of the survey, to be conducted this month, will be published in mid-December. “NetNewsCheck’s participation in the survey will permit us to broaden our reach and provide an even more meaningful look at how 2014 local advertising and media sales are shaping up — and how management can optimize revenue,” said C. Lee Smith, founder-CEO of AdMall.

Bruce Joins NewsCheckMedia Sales Team

Veteran advertising, sales and marketing executive Mark Bruce will lead the sales effort at and its companion e-newsletters and alerts. Bruce joins NewsCheckMedia from Digital First Media’s Main Line Media News.

Phil Kirk Named NewsCheckMedia Sales VP

The TV sales veteran has been promoted to oversee sales for TVNewsCheck, NetNewsCheck and the sites’ related activities.

TVNewsCheck Names Dodson Tech Editor

Andrew Dodson will lead expanded technology coverage for TVNewsCheck and also contribute to co-owned NetNewsCheck.


Learn How To Boost Your Digital Revenue

BIA/Kelsey’s Mark Fratrik will size up the changing local TV revenue outlook as part of a free NetNewsCheck webinar on Wednesday, “Broadcast Strategies: How Digital Can Drive Your Revenue in 2013.”

NNC To Present ‘How Digital Can Drive Rev’

Mark Fratrik, VP and chief economist at BIA/Kelsey, will detail his forecast of spot TV and TV’s online revenue growth in 2013, during NetNewsCheck‘s Nov. 14 webinar “Broadcast Strategies: How Digital Can Drive Your Revenue in 2013,” sponsored by Limelight Networks. The webinar will offer strategies for transforming local TV’s online and mobile businesses into sizeable revenue streams. Also headlining the webinar will be Lisa Bishop, VP of digital media at Gray Television Group.