Is Comcast Finally Giving Up On Pay TV By Putting NBC Affiliates On Peacock?

Maybe … if you believe there is a sizable number of viewers who subscribe to Peacock Premium Plus.


The Network-Affiliate Conundrum

The broadcast networks may be desperate to keep up with the big streamers by laying big bets on their own, but in the process, they’re choking off their local affiliates and hastening their own demise. It’s time for a more cooperative relationship.


Networks Fray Rope Between Their Affiliates And Streamers

Networks are shortsightedly alienating their affiliate partners with their fixation on their streaming platforms. In so doing, they’re ignoring local brand value, which can carry them over the chasm between hit programs.

TV Network Affiliate Groups To Meet At NAB Show

The boards of directors of ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC affiliates will gather in-person next month in Las Vegas.

Network Affils To FCC: OTT Needs Retrans Rules

Network affiliates are again pushing the FCC to bring some over-the-top video providers under the retransmission consent regime so they will have to negotiate directly with TV stations for carriage. That push came in comments to the FCC on the agency‘s latest quadrennial review of media ownership regulation.

Affiliate Groups To Hold Meetings At NAB Show

The boards of directors of ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC affiliates associations will meet in-person for the first time in two years at the Las Vegas confab in October.

WADL Gets Detroit’s MyNetworkTV Affiliation

Kevin Adell’s WADL Detroit (DMA 15) has secured the market’s MyNetworkTV affiliation, and will make the switch Sep. 20. WMYD, known as TV20 and owned by Scripps, is the current MyNetworkTV station in Detroit.

Affils Ask FCC To Revive Item Regulating OTT

Affiliates of ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC are asking FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to revive a years-old proposal to regulate some over-the-top video providers, providers currently beyond the agency’s reach in terms of program access and must-carry/retransmission consent rules.


Ownership Cap Shouldn’t Be Used As Shield

The affiliates want the FCC to impose a 39% ownership cap on the networks to keep the networks’ power in check. But that’s not what regulations are for — they should protect the public, not one business from another.

Hulu Has 521 Stations For Livestreaming

Hulu has extended its lead among virtual MVPD operators for local station sign-ups, announcing that it now has deals to retransmit 521 local broadcast affiliates across the U.S. With the addition of more ABC and Fox affiliates this week, Hulu said it can now offer locals for each of the Big Four broadcast networks in nearly 50% of U.S. TV homes.


Hulu Live Nears 500 Stations With Big 4 Adds

Hulu has announced the addition of 61 second-city and small-town broadcast network affiliates to its virtual MVPD service. With the addition, Hulu Live now has access to 492 broadcast network O&Os and affiliates across its national footprint.


Is Sinclair Too Liberal And Too Anti-Trump?

My in-depth and comprehensive content analysis of the mega-group’s news-producing stations suggest that it just might be. I wonder if David Smith knows about this.


Must We Feud Over Network Rep Rule Again?

To the dismay of their affiliates, CBS, Disney and Fox included in their “regulatory underbrush” wish list a request that the FCC do away with the 59-year-old network rep rule. Bad move. FCC Chairman Pai has presented broadcasting with a rare opportunity to get rid of some truly useless rules and to streamline others. The networks and the affiliates need to avoid mucking things up with an internecine fight.


Fox’s Hulu Deal Sets Disturbing Precedent

Fox has created a national feed of Fox programming that Hulu is substituting for Fox affiliates until they settle their differences. Fox apparently wants to make sure that it sets the lowest possible benchmarks for compensating affiliates, even though they contribute much with their local news and popular syndicated shows. Fox should be encouraging affiliates’ enthusiastic participation with compensation equal to their true value.

DMA 201

CBS Affiliate KCJO Launches In St. Joseph

CBS makes its re-entry into the St. Joseph, Mo., media market today with the debut of a new station owned by News-Press & Gazette Co.


Telemundo Launching New O&O On July 1

Telemundo 20 San Diego will air its first weekday local newscasts, Noticiero Telemundo 20, at 5, 5:30, 6 and 11 p.m. on July 3. The station’s new website, Telemundo, and dedicated station app, Telemundo 20, will launch on June 1 with local news and weather information.

Affiliate Groups To Meet During NAB Show

NAB said today that Fox Television and The CW will host meetings with their affiliated station representatives at the NAB Show in Las Vegas (April 22-27). Also, the affiliate boards of directors of ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox will once again hold meetings during the NAB Show.

NAB, Nets Seek Retrans Comments Extension

Citing the large amount of preparation necessary to meet recently set FCC deadlines for next year’s spectrum auction, it, along with the ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC affiliates associations, asks for an extension of time in which to file comments and replies in the FCC’s proceeding on good faith retransmission consent negotiation rulemaking.

Affils Want All-Market DirecTV Local Carriage

Affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, are asking the FCC to condition its approval of the AT&T-DirecTV merger on DirecTV carrying local TV stations in all 210 local markets. Currently, the satellite operator does not carry the stations in 11 markets.

Scripps, ABC Sign New Affiliation Deal

The agreement covers 10 stations and runs through 2019. “Scripps is one of the largest owners of ABC affiliates, and we look forward to continuing our long-time collaboration with them,” said John Rouse, SVP of affiliate relations for ABC. Terms were not disclosed.

NAB 2013

Network Affiliates To Meet At NAB Show

All Fox, CW affiliates to gather next week, along with affiliate boards of directors of ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.

NAB 2012

Network Affils To Meet At NAB Show

All Fox, CW affiliates to gather, along with affiliate boards of directors of ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.