Ex-NBC News Staffer Alleges Sexual Harassment

Former NBC News staffer and conservative pundit Emily Miller said on Sunday that during her tenure at the network in the 1990s, “older men and men in power” propositioned her and dangled a promotion in exchange for sex.

Cherry Health Admits Staffers Joined Testing Line In CBS Report

CBS News Denies Allegation That It ‘Staged’ Line Of Cars At Covid-19 Testing Site

CBS Affils Continue To Anchor CBS Weekend News

As the CBS Broadcast Center in New York remains closed due to the coronavirus, local affiliates continue to pitch in on the weekends. This weekend it will be Debby Knox and Bob Donaldson from WTTV in Indianapolis.

How Do Shows Handle Remote Production?

News anchors, talk show hosts and reality stars now moonlight as their own camera operators and lighting technicians. Producers accustomed to reacting to footage in person must now jump through extra communication hoops. But even with the occasional error or sacrifice in camera quality, programs have largely been able to pull it off.


Andrew Lack’s NBC News Tenure Mixed

As NBC veterans digest a reorganization announced Monday by NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell, what was not entirely surprising was the departure of Andrew Lack. He had for some time been seen as exiting, perhaps at the end of the year. What was a bit surprising was choice of Cesar Conde to lead a newly formed NBCUniversal News Group, which will include not just NBC News and MSNBC, which Lack had overseen, but also CNBC, which is led by Mark Hoffman.

Lesley Stahl Reveals She Fought Coronavirus

CBS News correspondent Lesley Stahl said Sunday she’s feeling well now, but was “really scared” after fighting pneumonia caused by the coronavirus for two weeks at home before going to the hospital for a week.

Why Won’t TV News Book Tara Reade?

The stakes are high for the media in the case of a sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden.

ABC Correspondent Will Reeve Caught Without Pants On ‘GMA’

TV Newsers Share Skills They’ve Developed Over Past 6 Weeks


Trust, Familiarity Are Why Network News Viewership Peaking


A World Of Attention For Muir’s Newscasts

As news-hungry viewers seek credible information on the coronavirus pandemic, the ratings for ABC’s weeknight newscast are not only beating the likes of Sean Hannity on Fox News but also favorites such as The Voice, NCIS and 60 Minutes. The other evening news programs — anchored by NBC’s Lester Holt and CBS’s Norah O’Donnell — are also on a roll.

How TV News Anchor Couple Tony Dokoupil And Katy Tur Broadcast From Home


WGCL Anchors To Helm ‘CBS Evening News’

WGCL Atlanta anchors Rick Folbaum and Shon Gables will anchor CBS Evening News this weekend. Folbaum anchors Saturday at 6:30 p.m. ET and Gables anchors Sunday 6 p.m. The national newscast will originate from the CBS46 Studios in Atlanta. The CBS News Broadcast Center in New York is closed due to the coronavirus. For the first time, the newscast will be produced remotely with producers and writers based out of New York.

ABC News Names Victoria Thompson Executive Producer Of Multiplatform Projects

Pressure On Nets Over Trump Briefings

A debate over how much unfiltered airtime the president should get virtually every day during a pandemic is heating up. The coverage is a moving target, with CNN and MSNBC taking a more critical approach lately. Yet despite on-air talent like Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon, Chris Hayes and Joe Scarborough suggesting they’d pull the plug if it were up to them, their bosses have given no indication that they will.

Can Nets Keep Surging Evening News Audiences?

At a time when the nation could really use a news figure like Walter Cronkite, his heirs are commanding the sort of attention that evening news hasn’t seen in at least a generation.


The Cure For News Burnout

Hate polarization? Watch the network newscasts, not cable.

‘GMA’ Producer Thea Trachtenberg Dies At 51

Deirdre Bolton Jumps To ABC News From Fox Business Network

ABC’s Stephanopoulos Has Coronavirus

Good Morning America anchor George Stephanopoulos said that his test results came back positive for coronavirus, as he has been caring for his wife Ali Wentworth as she recovers from the virus. But Stephanopoulos said that he has not shown any symptoms, as he continues to anchor the show from home.

Network News Music Is The Soundtrack To Current Events, But Few Know The Composers Behind It

Telemundo Expanding To 12 Hours Of Continuous Live Daytime News Programming

Working At Home Tests Network Morning Shows

More than most news programs, morning shows on ABC, CBS and NBC thrive by fostering a sense that their personalities are a chummy family. Now, due to coronavirus restrictions, those family members appear onscreen in dislocated boxes, and invite viewers into their homes instead of vice versa.

Virus Complications Kill ‘GMA’ Cameraman

Good Morning America and ABC News are mourning the loss of GMA studio camera operator Tony Greer, who died from coronavirus complications.


Anchoring During The Pandemic: ‘It Hits You’

The network evening news has seen a resurgence during the coronavirus pandemic with an average of 30 million people watching the nightly half-hour telecasts on ABC, CBS and NBC in recent weeks. Around 10 million of them have been turning to Lester Holt, anchor of the NBC Nightly News, who is among the many TV news personalities working from home to protect them from the pandemic. Holt talks about how his job has changed with the massive story.

Ellison Barber Jumps To NBC News From Fox News Channel

How TV Newsers Are Upgrading Home Studios

Television news professionals were asked last week about upgrades they’ve made to their respective home studios since they started broadcasting from home last month. What equipment have you received that you didn’t have at the outset? Is broadcasting from home getting easier? Harder? Here are their responses.

NBC News’s Kate Snow Says Husband Is Sick With Coronavirus Symptoms

ABC News Live, O&Os Set New Streaming Apps

New apps from ABC News Live debut on Fire TV and Android TV platforms with an update coming to the Roku platform and Apple TV apps. The ABC Owned Television Stations are also introducing market-specific apps on Fire TV, Android TV, the Roku platform and Apple TV.


Can Live TV Become Journalism Again?

Mark Lukasiewicz:: In recent years, ‘live’ and ‘breaking’ have become even more dominant, and somewhat devalued, buzzwords of the business. And that has marked a substantial further surrender of journalism and journalistic values in television news.

Anchors At Home: A Lot Can Go Wrong

Coronavirus lockouts turns slick glamour to amateur hour as broadcasters and show hosts migrate to basements and guest bedrooms.


ABC’s Muir Trying To Stay ‘Calm And Steady’

David Muir’s World News Tonight has been the top-rated show in all of American television for three weeks this month, averaging nearly 11 million viewers per night. Amid the devastation in New York City, Muir is still anchoring the show every night from an almost-empty ABC newsroom. He’s hosted three primetime specials on the pandemic, including one on Monday night that featured an interview with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

‘CBS This Morning’ Hosts Broadcast From Home

CBS This Morning co-hosts Gayle King, Anthony Mason and Tony Dokoupil anchored the Monday morning broadcast from each of their respective homes as the coronavirus crisis continues. “Welcome to CBS This Morning — from our house to yours,” King said at the opening of the show. “We’re coming to you from each of our homes this morning because we, like you, are practicing social distancing out of an abundance of caution. Like so many Americans watching right now, we are at home.”

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Brother Of Former Chicago Mayor, Hired As NBC News Medical Contributor

CBS News’ Maria Mercader Dies After Virus

Maria Mercader, a veteran CBS News staffer, died at age 54 Sunday from coronavirus complications after being on medical leave since February. Mercader battled cancer and other illnesses for two decades, and said that the treatments left her vulnerable to the virus.


Watching The Nightly News Like Nana Is The Best Way To Feel Anchored In A Sea Of Information

Hank Stuever: “In two-plus weeks of staying home, I’ve renewed my faith in the broadcast networks’ nightly newscasts, perhaps out of some faintly nostalgic idea that watching it is what grown-ups do, come hell or high water. People who long ago gave up the habit — or never acquired it — are finding a similar solace at the end of the day with a half-hour of ABC’s David Muir or NBC’s Lester Holt or the CBS Evening News’s Norah O’Donnell.”

NBC News Slots Live Primetime Virus Specials

NBC News Special Report: Coronavirus Pandemic to air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET, beginning March 31 for three consecutive weeks.

Virus Is Driving TV News To Peak Levels

A cooped-up audience hungry for information on the coronavirus is driving up viewership of TV news to extraordinary levels. Cable and broadcast networks typically see a Nielsen ratings bump when the public is captivated by a major crisis. But the networks have rarely experienced anything quite like the viewership surge they are seeing at all hours of the day, as half the country is ordered to stay home in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Pandemic Fuels WhatsApp, Social Media, TV

Kantar has just released findings of what it says is the largest-ever survey of consumers about the fast-moving pandemic, checking in with 25,000 consumers in 30 markets around the globe. Among the findings: People are doing 70% more web browsing, 63% more TV watching, and spending 61% more time on social media. WhatsApp has become increasingly more important, with an overall 40% increase in use.