Shows That Aired After The Super Bowl: 10 Touchdowns, 5 Fumbles, 1 Field Goal

For Super Bowl LV, airing Sunday, Feb. 7, and pitting the Kansas City Chiefs against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, CBS announced in early December that its Queen Latifah-led reboot of The Equalizer would lay claim to the cushiest real estate in the business, leading out of a championship game that could draw 100 million viewers. Yet while following the Super Bowl invariably brings a supersized audience, is it always a bellwether of future success? TVLine has singled out five shows that unarguably fumbled the opportunity, 10 that in one way (ratings) or another (quality) scored a metaphorical touchdown, and one that, though highly regarded, merely put up a field goal.

TV Holiday Season Includes All-Asian Movie

A Sugar & Spice Holiday, premiering Sunday, may be the first feel-good TV Christmas flick to feature a mostly Asian ensemble. It’s one of several projects where cable channels are demonstrating a desire for inclusion this yuletide season.

How Broadcast Series Are Responding To Black Lives Matter Protests And Calls For Police Reform

A number of returning network series have made decisions to incorporate a near-real time response to the summer’s resurgence of Black Lives Matter protests, cries for police reform and general social activism into their formats. But doing so has not come without challenges and narrative changes for these already-established series, especially as production was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Decade’s Best TV Is A Lot To Sort Out

Here are the best kinds of shows we watched over the past 10 years. Many of them belong to more than one category — a sign of their greatness.