Most-Watched Television Networks: Ranking 2023’s Winners And Losers

Complete broadcast, cable and pay TV ratings ranker for 2023 in total viewers and adults 18-49.

Riedel Expands Canada Coverage By Naming Peter Tsegaye Regional Sales Manager

Riedel Communications today appointed Peter Tsegaye regional sales manager to accommodate the company’s continued growth in Canada. Tsegaye is a seasoned broadcast and media entertainment professional with more than 15 […]

Most-Watched Television Networks: Ranking 2022’s Winners And Losers

Complete broadcast, cable and pay TV ratings ranker for 2022 in total viewers and adults 18-49.

Riedel Hires Oliver Zimmermann As Director Of Manufacturing

Oliver Zimmermann today was named director of manufacturing for Riedel Communications. A physicist, supply chain expert and change management specialist with more than a decade of experience in the manufacturing […]

TV Nets Up On-Air Promos During Pandemic

TV networks are dramatically increasing the number of on-air promo messages for their programs and brands during the current pandemic — while paid advertising has dropped. U.S. TV networks, broadcast and cable, have aired 32% more promos — 533,779 airings, in the period from April 18 through May 17, and 23% higher to 511,655 the previous 30 days (March 18-April 17), according to

Nets Relax Deadline For Advertisers

TV advertisers are poised to make massive third-quarter option cuts to their network TV commitments of around 25% due to COVID-19 issues — estimated to be in the range of $2.5 billion to $2.7 billion — according to media-buying executives. This would be much higher than the 3% to 4% average pullback that typically occurs in a specific quarter where cancellations are permitted.

Broadcast Networks Scramble To Program An Uncertain Future

With no signs of when production can resume amid the global coronavirus crisis, the Big 4 are considering everything — even streaming fare — as they address summer schedules filled with holes. And fall may pose an even bigger problem.

Networks Ordering Backup Pilot Scripts

The ongoing coronavirus health crisis is giving broadcast pilot season a jolt that might be felt long after the global pandemic is over. Following the unprecedented Hollywood shutdown over the COVID-19 outbreak, which left all but one broadcast pilot in limbo, the networks have ordered at least one backup script each for almost all of their projects.

Nets Start Replacing Originals With Repeats

And so it begins. With production on some 100 TV shows now halted (out of an abundance of caution over the coronavirus pandemic), the networks are starting to tweak upcoming scheduling to make the very most of what they’ve got.

How TV Networks Are Fighting Streamers

It’s been a brutal few years for broadcast and cable networks. Many are seeing annual double-digit ratings declines as audiences increasingly turn their back on live linear viewing and flock to streaming services. From more events to “urgent” shows, here’s how broadcast and cable channels have shifted linear strategies.

TV In Jan.: 120+ Premieres, Finales, Returns

With the new year comes much new (or new-ish) TV — as well as no fewer than three series finales. Here’s a calendar of January 2020 return dates, season premieres, final-season launches and series debuts peppered with a sprinkling of finales and specials.

Media Buyers: Networks Lied, Stole From Them

A panel discussion featuring some of Madison Avenue’s biggest network TV buyers Thursday morning accused the network TV industry of misrepresenting itself in the previous year’s negotiations, even to the point of explicit fraud.

Networks Beef Up Press-Screener Security

Each network has its own system for delivering screeners to TV critics and reporters — from physical DVDs to videos hosted on their press sites. But as piracy concerns mount, those methods are changing in favor of more secure alternatives.


Must We Feud Over Network Rep Rule Again?

To the dismay of their affiliates, CBS, Disney and Fox included in their “regulatory underbrush” wish list a request that the FCC do away with the 59-year-old network rep rule. Bad move. FCC Chairman Pai has presented broadcasting with a rare opportunity to get rid of some truly useless rules and to streamline others. The networks and the affiliates need to avoid mucking things up with an internecine fight.

TV Platform Reach Dips, Still Beats Digital

During April, 82.3% of homes watched CBS, followed by 79.8% of homes watching each of ABC and NBC and 74.4% of homes watching Fox. In the year-ago period, the figures were 83.9% for CBS, 82.8% for ABC, 83.3% for NBC and 79.5% for Fox.

We’re Living In The Golden Age Of TV Hype

There’s probably more pressure on network marketing than ever before, given splintered audiences and fierce competition. Networks and their promo shops, often drawing in advertiser partners, are going far beyond the traditional 30-second spot to create inventive, compelling, Easter egg-filled content that’s meant to share with friends and spark conversations.

TV Nets Grow Original Programming Hours

As media companies’ profit margins slightly declined in 2015, original programming hours increased — only recently helped by higher domestic advertising revenue gains. Todd Juenger, senior media analyst for Bernstein Research, says broadcasting networks increased original programming hours by 3% in 2015 to 3,130 hours — with cable network TV groups posting a 4% gain to 7,149.

TV Networks Recast The Role Of Commercials

In the face of growing fears about cord-cutting and ratings declines, networks are rethinking their advertising strategies.

Here Are February’s Biggest Sweep Stunts

The Super Bowl tops the list, of course, along with the Grammys and the Oscars. Other things to watch for: Republican debates, return of The Voice and new shows.

CES 2016

YouTube’s Kyncl: TV’s Dying, But Not TV Nets

The online video site’s chief business officer, Robert Kyncl, says his dire prediction of TV’s demise is less focused on who makes the content but how it’s delivered. “When I say that 75% of all video will be transmitted through the Internet, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s video made for the Internet,” he said. “It will also be content from ABC, NBC — people who have honed their craft.”

Almost All Nets Get To Claim No. 1 Honors

Several networks are closing out 2015 by declaring calendar year ratings wins, some in the traditional demographics, others in more creative categories. It’s the TV version of “everyone gets a trophy.” Here’s a rundown of which networks seem to be on top in certain demos this year, according to Nielsen.

TV Premiere Dates 2016: A Complete Guide

 Don’t know when your shows are back on TV? Here’s a comprehensive list of the year’s programs from the broadcast, cable and premium networks.

Networks Taking Longer To Drop Shows

Last Friday, something happened in network television that’s almost unheard-of these days: A show got canceled. The ABC drama Wicked City was the first show of the new television season, now nine weeks deep, to get the ax. Industry executives said it was the longest period in recent memory that it took so long for a show to go under. It speaks to a gripping anxiety that has spread throughout an industry where hits are in short supply and network officials are becoming extra cautious about dropping something too soon.

Super Bowl, ‘Dead’ Among Most-Tweeted

Nielsen is releasing a report on television-related Twitter activity in the U.S. from Sept. 1, 2014 through May 24, 2015. And while CBS consistently tops the weekly Nielsen ratings for viewers, it’s an also-ran when it comes to Twitter.

Nets Make Unequal Progress Toward Diversity

An Associated Press analysis of regular cast members on primetime comedies and dramas on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox found progress over the last 15 years in hiring black actors, but slighted other minorities. Casts at three of the four networks are still whiter than the nation as a whole.

Networks Try New Routes For Pilot Season

A funny thing happened on the way to pilot season. The timetable for development and production shifted dramatically while nobody was really paying attention.

ABC, Univision’s Fusion Poised For Launch

The new English-language television network will target millennial Hispanics and their BFFs as it attempts to capitalize on a generation for which cultural fusion is the norm and digital media is king. The network will provide something of a grab bag: a mix of hard news, commentary, sports and irreverence aimed at 16-30 year-olds.