Notable Trends So Far This Broadcast Season

No. 1: Early pickups, with three shows already earning season orders. Other things to keep an eye on: Lead-ins still matter, the NFL ratings losses, fewer bombs and more.

The New TV Season, By The Numbers

What the new shows are averaging, which had the biggest debut, which had the smallest debut, how much of a lift DVRs are giving returning shows and more, two weeks into the 2014-15 season.


Ratings Give Burke Ammo In Retrans Push

NBCUniversal boss Steve Burke, who for years has complained to Wall Street that NBCU was shortchanged when it came to retransmission fees and other revenue, told a conference last week that the media giant’s gap with rivals could be as much as $1 billion. While his pitch in the past fell on deaf ears — in no small part because an NBC turn-around has been as elusive as unicorns — the first week of the current season shows the Peacock Network off to a flying start with its primetime ratings up 41% in the first four days of the new season.