Finding The Sweet Spot In Local News Streaming

NBC flagship WNBC New York just launched a daily 10-minute(ish) newscast designed primarily for streaming consumption — specifically Roku and Apple TV. It relaunched it actually, the original News 4 Now was a two-minute news summary that fell victim to COVID. With pandemic pressures easing, WNBC made bringing back the “digicast” a priority, for a simple reason that other stations all over the country are starting to address as well. “What has happened since is that OTT has really exploded for us,” says Ben Berkowitz, VP of digital for WNBC and its Telemundo sibling, WNJU. “The growth has been extraordinary.”

WNBC To Debut ‘News 4 Now’ OTT Digicast

Beginning April 5, the 10-minute weekday digicast exclusively for Roku, Apple TV and streaming audiences will feature local and national headlines, the latest weather, in-depth reporting and entertainment and lifestyle programming.