Publishers Have Stronger Case Against Google

Publisher complaints about Google have grown more pointed as the Justice Department investigates the search giant for possible anticompetitive practices. The News Media Alliance, which represents more than 2,000 news organizations in the U.S., last week published a white paper that provides more concrete examples of how Google allegedly interferes with the digital operations of publishers.

Media Groups To Congress: Support Local News

The News Media Alliance, National Association of Broadcasters, National Newspaper Association and America’s Newspapers ask the government to provide critical support to local news media in its next stimulus bill designed to provide relief to businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Facebook, Newspapers Becoming Frenemies

The newspaper industry is working with Facebook to launch a new project to help local newspapers beef up their digital subscription efforts. But that doesn’t mean they’ve made peace. In fact, the News Media Alliance — a newspaper trade group that’s working with Facebook on the subscription project — is simultaneously launching a political action committee to help reward members of Congress for elevating their goals, including an antitrust safe harbor to better compete against Facebook and Google for audience and ad dollars.

Newspaper Group Targets Google, Facebook

The News Media Alliance, which represents leading newspaper publishers, is seeking an anti-trust exemption from Congress that will allow publishers to negotiate jointly with the digital giants on terms under which they can carry the publishers’ content. Today, the NMA said, “news organizations are limited with disaggregated negotiating power against a de facto duopoly that is vacuuming up all but an ever-decreasing segment of advertising revenue.”

NAB Gets Support On Crossownership Petition

Campaign Launched To Support Real News

The News Media Alliance calls on the public to subscribe to local newspapers, support journalists.

Newspapers Appeal FCC Ownership Decision

The News Media Alliance says the commission’s decision to retain its broadcast-newspaper ownership ban “makes no sense at all.” 

NAA Becomes The News Media Alliance