Why Do Our News Media Assume We’re So Helpless?

Society expects journalists to fill several important functions: check on government power, community watchdog, reliable source of basic information. But there’s one role we really don’t need from the news business — life coach. And yet, as Americans move out of the pandemic and into more normal lives, reporters, editors and producers are flooding the media universe with a heavy stream of soft stories filled with trite advice on everything from how to hug again to the safest method for dipping back into the habit of gossipy behavior.

The Supreme Court’s Increasingly Dim View Of News Media

A comprehensive look at references to the press in justices’ opinions revealed “a marked and previously undocumented uptick in negative depictions.”


Media Has A Big Post-Trump Task Ahead

The disinformation system that Trump unleashed will outlast him. Here’s what reality-based journalists must do about it.

Why Americans Don’t Trust News Media (And What Journalists Can Do About It)

Nearly half of Americans say the news media is “critical” — up 5 percentage points since 2017 — and more than 80% say it is at least “very important” in providing accurate information and holding the powerful accountable, according to a Gallup/Knight Foundation study published in August. The study also found that as many Americans as say the news media has the potential to bring people together also say the media bears at least some blame for political divisions.

Pence Op-Ed Targets Virus, Media

In an op-ed published Tuesday in The Wall Street Journal, Vice President Mike Pence suggested the idea of a second wave of the coronavirus is one big media hoax.

Newsrooms In Revolt. Bosses In Country Homes

Those who can afford it left the city, shining a spotlight on class divisions in the media.

How Viewers See News Media During Pandemic

Coverage of the current coronavirus outbreak has consumed much of the news media’s attention as Americans look for information in a time of high anxiety and uncertainty. Overall, more Americans hold positive than negative views of the news media’s coverage of the COVID-19 crisis, though broader views of the media are more evenly divided or more negative.

Pandemic A Threat To Global Media Freedom

In its annual evaluation of global media freedoms, Reporters Without Borders warned Tuesday that the health crisis could serve as an excuse for governments “to take advantage of the fact that politics are on hold, the public is stunned and protests are out of the question, in order to impose measures that would be impossible in normal times.”


What Sanders Gets Right About The Media

The senator’s sweeping critique of coverage has more merit than we in the media like to admit.



Trump’s Attacks On News Media Are Accelerating

Margaret Sullivan: “President Trump requires no translation or interpretation when it comes to his plan for going after national news outlets as Campaign 2020 kicks into high gear. On Monday, he made his intentions clear in a couple of rambling, overcapitalized tweets: ‘Our real opponent is not the Democrats, or the dwindling number of Republicans that lost their way and got left behind.’ No, he wrote, ‘our primary opponent is the Fake News Media.’ ”

Democratic Contenders Unload On News Media

The Democratic presidential contenders are letting loose with a barrage of attacks against the news media, ripping national outlets for what they view as biased coverage of their campaigns or unfair double-standards in covering President Trump. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is leading the way, making his grievances with “corporate media” central to his anti-establishment campaign.

7 Facts About Black Americans And News Media

Pew Research Center has studied black Americans’ attitudes toward the news media — as well as their news consumption habits — for years. It has also examined minority representation within U.S. newsrooms. To coincide with the NABJ conference, here are seven key facts about black Americans and the news media.

House Mulls Antitrust Help For News Industry

At a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee’s antitrust panel, news media associations accused the tech companies of jeopardizing the industry’s economic survival by putting news content on their platforms without fairly compensating them.

News Industry Fights Trump Claims

In tweets over the past week, Trump repeated his contention that the mainstream media is the enemy of the people, and said the Times’ and Post’s Pulitzers should be stripped. The Times, in response, tweeted a picture of its Pulitzer winners and noted that every story cited in their prize-winning entry has been proven correct.

Trump Changed The Media. Is It Forever?

Donald Trump has shattered presidential standards. In response, The New York Times and other elite news organizations have scrapped their rigorous, long-held standards of objectivity. But will the Times’s changes have unintended consequences? And what does Trump himself think of all this?


Journalists Weren’t Part Of A Conspiracy. They Were Doing Their Jobs

Hannity, Other Fox News Hosts Rage At Democrats, Media Over Mueller Report

Sean Hannity was in no mood to celebrate the news that the special counsel did not find coordination between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia during the 2016 presidential election. Instead, he was infuriated. There was no collusion, no obstruction, no conspiracy, he said, just as he had been telling his audience all along.

Post-Mueller, News Media Leaders Defend Their Work

“Our job is to bring facts to light,” said Martin Baron, editor of The Washington Post. “Others make determinations about prosecutable criminal offenses.”

Trump Trashes Press During Davos Q&A

During a Q&A after his speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, President Donald Trump took some shots at his favorite target — the press — and received a frosty reception from the audience.

News Media Has Sexual Harassment Problem

It’s not simply about preventing sexual harassment; it’s about also acknowledging that this is often a part of a sexist and unequal work environment. 

Pew: Dems, GOP Sharply Divided on Media

About as many Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents think the news media has a positive (44%) as negative (46%) impact on the way things are going in the country, according to new research from Pew Research. Republicans, by about eight-to-one (85% to 10%), say the news media has a negative effect.

Trust In American News Media Still Low

The latest news from Gallup shows that Americans’ confidence in most major U.S. institutions remains below the historical average for each one — and the news media is no exception. Confidence in newspapers is currently at 24%, eight points below the historical average. Television news is at 21%, nine points below the historical average.


Confidence In TV News At All-Time Low

Americans’ confidence in television news has hit an all-time low, according to a new survey by Gallup. Twenty-one percent of the 1,004 adults polled said they had “a great deal” or “a lot” of confidence in television news media, continuing a steady decline from the 46% who expressed confidence in television media in 1993.


Did News Media Drive Gay Marriage Debate?

The issue of gay marriage has been a media fixation, evident in the front-and-center role the media played in the days leading up to President Obama’s declaration of support.