Tegna Foundation Announces 2020 Media Grants Supporting Diversity, Development and Protecting the Rights of Journalists

The Tegna Foundation, the charitable foundation sponsored by Tegna Inc., today announced a series of grants to promote diversity in journalism and professional development opportunities for media professionals and students. Tegna Foundation also announced it was making a special $75,000 grant to Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press to support its mission to protect […]


IP Tech Tackles Workflow, Wireless Costs

The bonded cellular technology at the heart of today’s IP newsgathering systems has achieved such a level of maturity that many vendors have begun addressing the finer points, such as how to more closely integrate the workflow of reporters in the field with the newsroom and maintaining network speeds even when working within the confines of a VPN. At the same time, frenemy and outright competitors have arisen and are looking to make headway with stations by offering systems they say will reduce or eliminate ever-rising wireless data bills. Photo: LiveU. Click here to access TVNewsCheck’s NAB 2017 Resource Guide listing of ENG/IP Newsgathering vendors and products or here to download it as a PDF.


Case Study Examines WPSD IP Newsgathering


Drone Specialist Aerobo Designs Safety First

The Aerobo Mini newsgathering drone is designed with a host of safety features that include a spring-loaded dual parachute system, plastic and carbon fiber construction and foldable rotors among others.

NAB 2016

Axle Pulse Promises More Feet On The Street

At the  NAB Show, Axle Video is taking the concept of maximizing feet on the street to a whole new level by making it possible for TV networks, station groups and individual broadcast stations to put hundreds — if not thousands — of citizen journalists on the street shooting news footage with their own smart phones and uploading it for possible use on air.

Swiss TV Newsroom Goes 100% iPhone

California Governor Vetoes Drone Bill

California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a state bill aimed at increasing citizens’ privacy protections against drone flights. The bill would have allowed property owners to file trespassing charges against drone operators who flew their unmanned aircraft less than 350 feet above their property. In a veto statement, Brown said the bill “could expose the occasional hobbyist and the FAA-approved commercial users alike to burdensome litigation and new causes of action.”

Media Groups Call For Veto Of CA Drone Bill

RTDNA, the National Press Photographers Association and a coalition of other journalism groups have sent a letter to California Governor Jerry Brown, urging him to veto a bill that would make it nearly impossible for newsrooms to use drones for newsgathering.


Q&As On The FAA, Drones, Newsgathering

There is plenty of uncertainty over how news organizations can legally use drones and footage shot using drones. Kevin M. Goldberg of Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth has the latest answers.


New Tech Makes ENG Light, Quick, Nimble

Newsgathering experts weigh the virtues of bonded cellular against the necessity of supplementing with Ka bandwidth, the flexibility of smartphones and the enduring value of microwave.

Cordillera To Put IP News Uplinks To The Test

CCW 2014

Panel: Bonded Cellular ENG Still ‘Crapshoot’

While tech advances like bonded cellular technology have given news teams newfound mobility, they also create issues that didn’t exist before and need to be carefully considered, says CBS Newspath’s Tom Fearing. “Nothing is easier than handing somebody a tape.”