Gannett To Furlough Workers At 100+ Papers

Certain employees making more than $38,000 must take one week of unpaid leave in April, May and June.


Bail Out Journalists. Let Newspaper Chains Die

The coronavirus is likely to hasten the end of advertising-driven media, Ben Smith writes. And government should not rescue it.

Coronavirus Sends Local Papers, Radio Into Crisis

Even though demand for local news has never been higher than during the pandemic and websites are seeing upwards of five times their usual traffic, local newspapers and some radio broadcasters are already facing layoffs. “Economically, this is devastating,” said one radio executive. “We are modeling daily on how to keep people when we have no money coming in the door.”

Coronavirus Brings A Surge To News Sites

Many journalists are covering a once-in-a-lifetime story from home, thanks to Zoom and Slack. But as readers flock to large news outlets, ads are starting to disappear.


TVN’s Newsroom Innovators | WaPo’s Jorgenson Courts Next Gen On TikTok

Dave Jorgenson produces twice-daily posts geared to young audiences on nascent social video platform TikTok. In 10 months, he’s gained 400,000 subscribers there and tens of millions of views of his witty short videos, including tips on coronavirus hand washing and handshakes.

The Newsroom At The Center Of A Pandemic

“That’s what local papers are meant to do”: The journalists at The Seattle Times have been aggressively covering the coronavirus as it affects their neighbors and friends.

Cleveland’s Double Crisis — Coronavirus And A Shrinking Number Of Reporters To Cover It


In Praise Of Coronavirus Coverage

Poynter’s Tom Jones: “Despite early claims that the media was overblowing this story, creating a narrative where there was none and fueling unnecessary panic, this week has turned out to be one of journalism’s finest hours. The journalism on display this week during an ever-shifting and rapidly-moving story has been nothing short of spectacular.”

NYT Poised To Name Meredith Levien Next CEO

New York Times Co. is leaning toward naming Meredith Kopit Levien as its next chief executive officer, tapping an internal candidate to succeed Mark Thompson after an eight-year stint, according to people familiar with the matter. Levien, currently chief operating officer, is the front-runner to get the top job, with the move potentially coming as soon as April.

LA Times Offering Staffer Buyouts

The Los Angeles Times is offering its staff voluntary buyouts less than two years after biotech billionaire Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong swooped in to buy the beleaguered newspaper in hopes of turning it around. In an email to staffers on Wednesday, The California Times, the company that owns the paper, announced voluntary buyout packages to employees who have worked at the company for least two years.

Unusual Answer To The Collapse Of Local News

Can drinks, community events and the occasional wedding subsidize small-town journalism? The Big Bend Sentinel in Marfa, Texas, is giving it a try. (Photo: Jessica Lutz for The New York Times)

The AP Built A tool To Help Newsrooms In New York Share News With Each Other

Newspaper Owner McClatchy Files For Bankruptcy

New York Times Raises Digital Subscription Price For First Time

WaPo Unveils New Strategy For 2020 Coverage

The Washington Post today announced new data-driven initiatives to enhance its political reporting and analysis designed to give readers faster and more robust results.

Warren Buffett Gives Up On Newspapers, Sells To Lee

Ben Smith Of BuzzFeed Named New York Times Media Columnist

Cox Media Given 60 More Days To Sell Ohio Newspapers

Tribune Publishing Is Offering Buyouts

Papers Generate Uncommon Bipartisan Unity

Lawmakers from both parties blame companies like Facebook and Google for the struggles of local newspapers.

A Year Of Bad News For The News Industry

2019 will go down as the year of the media apocalypse. Nearly 8,000 newsroom jobs disappeared this year in a flurry of layoffs, buyouts and mergers. Digital outlets like BuzzFeed and Vice eliminated entire areas of coverage while legacy media giants like Gannett cut hundreds of positions after a merger. And some local news outlets shut down altogether, leaving huge swaths of the country with no local papers at all.

Calif. Newspaper Stops Printing After 161 Years

One of the longest-running newspapers in California printed its final edition Sunday, ending 161 years of publishing news about Martinez, a city east of San Francisco. Rick Jones, the Martinez News-Gazette’s editor, said he wasn’t certain whether the news outlet covering the city of nearly 40,000 will continue publishing online. The News-Gazette began publishing in […]

Plotting A Future For Imperiled Local News

America lost a quarter of its journalists from 2008 to 2018, the vast majority of them covering local issues, according to University of North Carolina professor Penny Muse Abernathy. Newsrooms lost at least 3,800 jobs in 2019 alone. She estimates the country has lost 2,100 newspapers since 2004, 70 of them dailies. In that environment, the chief executives for three top chains, people in charge collectively of more than 700 newspapers reaching more than 12 million subscribers, agreed to interviews with The Washington Post to share their thoughts on the future of their companies and of local news.

The Human Toll Of The 2019 Media Apocalypse

More than 3,000 journalists lost their jobs this year. These are some of their stories.


Gannett: Reporting Jobs Will Be Last To Be Cut

Executives of the newly merged Gannett, which was purchased by GateHouse, have said that while they plan major cost cuts, they hope to protect reporting jobs. Gannett CEO Mike Reed and the head of its new operating unit, Paul Bascobert, talk about their plans.


FCC Rule Being Used To Shrink Paper Schedule

Want to get around a regulation that limits who can own a daily newspaper? Just make it a less-than-daily newspaper.


Local News Isn’t Dying, It’s Being Killed By Greed

Dan Kennedy: “There are two elephants in the room that are threatening to destroy local news. One, technological disruption, is widely understood: the internet has undermined the value of advertising and driven it to Craigslist, Facebook and Google, thus eliminating most of the revenues that used to pay for journalism. But the other, corporate greed, is too often regarded as an effect rather than as a cause.”

Damaged Newspapers, Damaged Civic Life

“If you don’t have a newspaper staff who points out when things aren’t working, there is no impetus behind trying to put somebody new in, right?”


The Death Of Local Papers Is Perilously Close

Margaret Sullivan: “Given the tumult in the realm of government and politics, the dire state of the local newspaper industry may seem minor. But it’s of crucial importance to the future of the nation. Local watchdog journalism matters. More than 2,000 local newspapers — mostly weeklies — have gone out of business in the past 15 years … and the pace of that loss has quickened.”

McClatchy Says So Long To Sat. (Print) Papers

The fifth-largest newspaper chain in the country will try to encourage more digital subscriptions with a weekend plan affecting dailies in 14 states.

Shareholders OK Gannett-New Media Merger

Shareholders cleared the way Thursday for New Media Investment Group and USA Today owner Gannett to join forces in a deal that will create the largest U.S. media company by print circulation, and one that will also vie for the biggest online news audience nationwide. In separate votes, shareholders of each company approved New Media’s $1.13 billion acquisition of Gannett. The companies can now move forward to finalize the deal, which is expected to close Tuesday, Nov. 19.

Tribune Pulling Plug On Spanish Newspaper Hoy

Salt Lake Tribune Gets IRS OK To Become Nonprofit

The Salt Lake Tribune is now a nonprofit, an unprecedented transformation for a legacy U.S. daily that is intended to bolster its financial prospects during a troubling time for journalism nationwide.

Gannett-New Media Merger In Jeopardy

The FCC held a meeting with private equity firm Apollo Global Management this week to ask questions about its agreement to finance New Media Investment’s planned purchase of Gannett Co., the publisher of USA Today, sources say. The FCC is concerned that the $1.8 billion loan Apollo is providing to finance the merger could violate its duopoly laws, sources say.

LA Times Reaches Agreement With Newsroom Union

Gannett-Gatehouse Merger Clears DOJ Review

Las Vegas Newspapers Battling In Courts

The Las Vegas Sun filed a new federal lawsuit against the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The civil complaint filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas alleges unfair trade practices. The federal antitrust lawsuit adds to a breach-of-contract complaint filed in state court more than a year ago.

Newspaper Execs Lobby To Fight Big Tech

Executives from seven newspaper companies lobbied Capitol Hill this week to urge Congress to pass the “Journalism Competition and Preservation Act,” a bill that fights the dominance of tech companies like Google and Facebook in the digital content business.

Cox Media Group Plans Layoffs In Georga

Editor & Publisher Sold To Media Consultant