ESPN Chief Expects Silicon Valley To Bid On NFL

Jimmy Pitaro said today: “I have no idea if [Amazon, Google and Facebook] are going to be interested specifically in Monday Night Football, but I do believe that several new media companies are going to be interested in acquiring more NFL rights.”

TV Nets Need NFL Ratings Rebound To Continue

The NFL returned to the national spotlight on Thursday night, but it remains to be seen if TV’s biggest draw can continue the ratings renaissance it experienced last season. Television networks rely heavily on the NFL. Games and NFL-related programming accounted for 63% of Fox’s gross ratings points last season, according to MoffettNathanson. ESPN, CBS and NBC all got about a quarter of their aggregate gross ratings points from NFL content.

Denver Broncos Production Team Selects Sony Cameras

With a new studio for its first broadcast TV and online shows, the broadcast production department of the NFL Denver Broncos  needed additional cameras that would be worthy of the new sets designed and fabricated by Creative Dimension. In addition to broadcast, the content would be used by the digital media team for online distribution. After extensive […]

NFL To Stream Game Highlights Via TikTok

NFL: Shrinking Ad Breaks A Win

The NFL, consistently a top destination for advertisers, is continuing to evolve its ad offering — and is calling on broadcasters to embrace such innovation. In 2017, the NFL augmented its broadcasts with the double box ad format — essentially, a commercial placed side-by-side to in-game content. Now, Brian Rolapp, the league’s chief media and business officer, said he expects to see more double boxes in this year’s games, but it’s up to broadcasters to actually sell them.

NFL Increases TV National, Regional Marketing

With the new NFL season just over a week from starting, the league has sharply ramped up its national/regional TV marketing versus a year ago. Over a month-long period, July 26 through August 26, there have been 2,652 airings of NFL advertising and promo messages versus 1,484 airings a year ago, according to This has resulted in the NFL amassing 879 million marketing impressions, versus 419 million in 2018.

Super Bowl Practice Run For Fox In Florida

Fox used last week’s NFL preseason game between the Jaguars and Dolphins as a dress rehearsal for the season finale in nearly six months.

The Six Decisive TV Plays That Made The NFL

“Television has been the best marketing tool that we’ve had,” said Joe Browne, who was a league executive for 50 years before retiring in 2016. NBC Sunday Night Football announcer Al Michaels said a huge reason for the league’s popularity on television is because it is the best-suited sport for it. “You have this burst of action and then there is inaction that can be covered by analyzing the play and covering it on replay,” he said. Here are some of the major events that have shaped the NFL and television.

Iconic Announcers In NFL History

With all NFL games being shown on national networks rather than solely on local channels, the most memorable voices of football are universal. Here’s a look at some of the most important and memorable voices of professional football.


TVN Focus | NFL’s TV Partners Scoring Big Once Again

Upfront ad sales spending by agencies reaches $2.4 billion. That’s about $300 million more than last season at this same time, and is largely because every one of those networks saw regular season ratings increases for their NFL telecasts last season.