Suprising Silence Over Sandy And Nielsen

Two weeks after Superstorm Sandy knocked much of the East Coast —including many Nielsen households — off the grid, Nielsen held a meeting with its East Coast clients to brief them on some important developments, but essentially ignored the elephant in the room: Sandy.

Younger Blacks Watching Less TV

African-Americans are heavy consumers of television, but that’s not across the board. New data from Nielsen shows that younger blacks are watching less TV than their baby boomer elders.

Nielsen: People Getting TV In New Ways

Three-quarters of the estimated 5 million homes that don’t get TV signals over the airways or through cable, satellite or telecommunications companies have televisions anyway, according to the media research firm. Many of these homes are satisfied to use their TVs for games or get programming through DVDs or services like Netflix or Apple TV.

Nielsen Sued For Billions Over Indian Ratings

New Delhi Television Ltd., India’s oldest and largest news network, filed a 194-page lawsuit in New York court late last week. NDTV accuses the Nielsen Co. of violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by manipulating viewership data in favor of channels that are willing to provide bribes to its officials.