Nielsen Revamps Digital Ad Ratings, Enables Simpler Access To CTV Audiences

Nielsen has expanded its Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) service to include a simpler version of reporting on connected TVperson-level audiences across all smart TV manufacturers and streaming providers.

Nielsen Relaunches Streaming Measurement Suite Across Content, Ads & Platforms To Tackle Growing Consumer Segment

Nielsen says it now captures 100% of streaming minutes viewed on the TV glass, 75% of CTV media spend and 87% of total video digital spend across computer, mobile and connected TV.

Nielsen Expands Digital Ad Ratings

Nielsen is launching a new service of its Digital Ad Ratings — DAR Publisher Insights  — that allows digital publishers to achieve a deeper analysis of advertising campaign data.

Nielsen Rebrands Online Ratings As Digital

In a move that seems to reposition itself from its original intent of measuring the audiences of online advertising, Nielsen this morning announced a rebranding of its fledgling Online Campaign Ratings service as the Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings. “The new name better describes Nielsen’s total digital view, inclusive of mobile,” Nielsen said in a statement explaining the name change, but the term digital likely could be used to position it across other digital advertising platforms as they emerge.