Nielsen Invests In New TV Ratings Platform

Nielsen Holdings PLC’s finance chief Linda Zukauckas is allocating funds to a new TV ratings platform after the $2.4 billion sale of the company’s market-analytics business earlier this year. The New York-based firm, which tracks consumer media habits in radio, video-streaming and traditional television, plans to increase its capital expenditures to improve the way it measures TV audiences, Zukauckas said. A large chunk of that money is budgeted for Nielsen One, a new product that will combine ratings from both streaming and live TV when it debuts next year.

Nielsen Sets Major Measurement Changes

As streaming transforms the media landscape, Nielsen is making sweeping changes in the way it measures the viewing of programs and commercials, altering the way $100 billion in video advertising is bought and sold. Nielsen One will measure across linear, digital and streaming platforms, combine big data with its famous panel of Nielsen households, shift the focus from average minute per program to evaluating viewing on a second by second basis and move from a unit-based ad model to an impression based system that gives a separate audience number to individual commercials.