YouTube To Offer Guarantees To Advertisers

Google is now confident enough in Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings product that it’s going to start selling guarantees to YouTube advertisers based on OCR ratings next month. And as of the end of 2014, Google will have OCR integrated directly into its Doubleclick platform, so you’ll be dealing with Nielsen ratings when you’re doing workflow, reporting and invoicing. The billing guarantees will be available to buy from Google starting May 1.

ABC To Test Nielsen Mobile TV Ad Ratings

Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings will provide demographic data for tablet and smartphone media. ABC will be able to measure audience demographics and understand the reach and frequency of online campaigns across ABC content on the Web and in mobile apps.

ABC To Offer Guarantees Across Platforms

ABC, ABC Family and ESPN will announce Tuesday that they have adopted the Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings system to measure viewing across both television and online sites, and will base all sales on estimates of what total viewing will be on all those platforms.

Nielsen Adds 14 For Online Campaign Ratings

AOL Chasing Ads With TV-Like Ratings

The Web giant issues bold guarantees regarding its online GRP’s as Nielsen and AOL push the new model to advertisers still casting about for a convincing measurement metric.

Invision Adds Nielsen Online Ad Ratings

By improving workflow efficiencies and cross-platform views of audience liability, Nielsen and Invision hope to remove obstacles and increase flexibility for true cross-platform media sales management.