MRC Accredits Nielsen’s National, Enhanced Local Ratings

Accreditation extends to NPM and all LPM markets, plus 19 set meter markets leveraging PPM data and Viewer Assignment methodology.

Nielsen To FCC: Where’s The Beef?

Nielsen is telling the FCC that it remains the best way to determine if a TV station is getting significant out-of-market viewership. A determination that a station is “significantly viewed” in an adjacent market allows an MVPD serving that market to carry the station, even if it duplicates in-market syndicated or network programming. That importation is otherwise prohibited by the network nonduplication and syndicated exclusivity rules.

Local Spot TV Advertising On The Upswing

A new Nielsen analysis indicates that spot advertising in local markets appears to be starting to turn the corner after declining in some areas by as much as 35% at the end of March.

Lockdowns Force Nielsen To Accelerate New Tech

TV ratings have soared amid coronavirus quarantines, but those same quarantines are making it harder for Nielsen to maintain the 45,000-household panel behind those ratings. It raises questions about how long Nielsen ratings can keep the accreditation from the Media Rating Council that lets them serve as currency in most TV deals, but it’s also accelerating long-contemplated improvements in how Nielsen measures TV viewing.

Univision Joins Nielsen’s Addressable Platform

Univision Communications has joined Nielsen’s beta program for its addressable TV platform. Nielsen began testing its addressable platform last year, and announced the participation of seven broadcast companies in January: A+E Networks, AMC Networks, CBS, Discovery, Fox, NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia.

Kids And Teens Drive Daytime TV Viewing

With most governments officially shutting down in mid-March due to the novel coronavirus, Nielsen analyzed TV data across the top 25 markets following the statewide orders, and compared with total TV usage from an equivalent period last year. By far, increases in viewing among kids 6-11 and teens 12-17 blew past the rest, particularly during daytime hours. Year-over-year percent increases for these demographics dwarfed those of all other age groups, hitting over 300% gains at noon.

TV-Related Tweets Up Nearly Across The Board

Tweets about television are up in nearly every category from March 1 through April 15 compared with the same time last year, largely driven by the coronavirus pandemic, Nielsen found in a study, but one category stands out as a glaring exception: sports.

Big Streaming Gains In Some Local Markets

With people home-bound to slow the spread of the coronavirus, streaming has shown some pretty big increases in local markets, according to Nielsen. Comparing the week of March 23 to the week of March 2, connected device usage by 25 to 54 years old rose 95% in Portland, Ore.; 86% in Chicago; 78% in Denver, 74% in New York and 72% in St. Louis. In terms of connected device streaming ratings, the top markets include Orlando, Buffalo, Milwaukee and Norfolk.

Weather Channel Sues Nielsen Over Ratings Fee

CF Entertainment, The Weather Channel’s owner, is suing Nielsen over its $475,000 monthly ratings fee, citing breach of contract, unfair competition and unjust enrichment.

Biggest Live-Sports Fans Still Watching

While there are no more live sports, the genre’s most die-hard audiences haven’t abandoned television, according to new Nielsen data. Instead, they are spending more time than ever watching TV, branching into several other genres — and still keeping a regular diet of sports content as well.

TV Usage Hits Plateau In Week Of March 30

Total TV usage, driven higher as people stayed home from work and school to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, dipped 2% in the week of March 30, according to new figures from Nielsen. The week’s usage was still up 26% from the first full weeks of March and the second highest over the last five weeks.

Scripps, Nielsen Sign New Ratings Deal

The group’s television stations will have access to the full suite of TV solutions including Nielsen’s Local TV Measurement, Nielsen Scarborough, NLTV, Ad Intel, Arianna and Nielsen Grabix.

Nielsen, Sinclair Set Multi-Year Agreement

The ratings renewal covers all of Sinclair’s TV stations, regional sports networks and the Cable Channel.

Streaming To TVs Soared 85% March 1-21

U.S. consumers’ viewing of streaming has continued to increase through March. Over the first three weeks of March 2020, the total estimated number of minutes streamed to the TV was 400 billion, up 85% compared with the comparable three-week period in 2019, according to a Nielsen analysis.

Virus Brings Young Viewers To Local TV

According to data from Nielsen, live viewing of local news in the top 25 markets was up 52% in the first week of March among 18-34 year-olds compared to the same week in 2019, and up 83% in the second week of March.

Local TV Spikes As COVID-19 News Source

Nielsen analyzed viewing data across its Local People Meter markets, which are 25 of the largest local markets. For persons aged 2 and older, local news experienced a 7% viewership lift between early February and the week of March 9. Among persons 25-54, the spike was higher, at more than 10%. Perhaps most interesting however, is that the lift among younger persons aged 2-17 was 20%.

Media Usage Expected To Rise During Crisis

Nielsen says that staying put can lead to to almost a 60% increase in the amount of content watched. “Considering that consumers around the globe are already leaning into the growing ray of content options and channels, a 60% increase is significant,” a new report says.

FP1 Strategies Signs Multi-Year Nielsen Deal

Nielsen and FP1 Strategies today announced an agreement for Nielsen to provide FP1 Strategies with local TV measurement in all markets and includes over-the-air homes and comprehensive geographic coverage, as well as representativeness of age, ethnicity and behavior. FP1 Strategies, based in Arlington, Va., is a full-service campaign consulting and advertising firm that provides an […]

Entravision Adds Nielsen Measurement Services

The agreement includes local TV rating services, audio, and digital ratings for Entravision’s 22 predominantly Spanish-language markets.

Nielsen: Streaming Nearly Doubles In 2 Years

A record 532 original scripted series aired on television in 2019, according to research from cable network FX. The network’s annual figure is the most commonly cited number to show how programming has mushroomed in the Peak TV era. In terms of the sheer volume of content, though, the FX figure understates what’s available — by a factor of more than 1,000, according to data from Nielsen.

Nielsen Improves Voter Ratings Service

Nielsen Voter Ratings combines advanced meter technology, big data, people-powered panels and voter registration data to provide persons-level, monthly voter-based insights.

Nets, Nielsen to Test Addressable Ad Platform

A+E Networks, AMC Networks, CBS, Discovery, Fox, NBCUniversal, WarnerMedia and other media publishers double down on addressable TV initiatives ahead of the 2020 upfronts.

Nexstar And Nielsen Set Ratings Agreement

Nielsen will provide rating services for Nexstar’s 197 television stations, national unwired ratings, digital subchannels, Antenna TV and national distribution of WGN America.

Nielsen CFO-COO Resigns Before Company Splits

Following news of its plan to split into two businesses, Nielsen announced that its chief financial officer and chief operating officer David Anderson will be leaving at the end of this year

Nielsen’s Amobee To Meld Panel, ACR Data

Using Amobee 4Screen, it will now be possible for broadcasters, advertisers and agencies to 1.) Plan and forecast campaigns across all four screens — connected TV, linear TV, mobile and desktop. 2) Continuously measure audience exposure during a campaign. 3) Optimize the targeting and cross-channel allocation. 4.)Access pacing and reporting across four screens.

‘The Irishman’ Tops 13M Viewers In 5 Days

Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman drew 13.2 million total viewers over its first five days on Netflix, according to Nielsen. That average-minute audience is more than El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (8.2 million) and less than Bird Box (16.9 million).

Nielsen To Provide More Data To Marketing Architects Agency


Broadcast Commercial Ratings Are Roadkill

The compromised C3 metric and the slower-burning fuse of C7 have done next to nothing to offset the ravages of commercial avoidance, offering about as much protection from ratings erosion as an umbrella provides in the shadow of an earthbound boulder.

Nielsen To Spin Off Global Connect Retail-Measurement Unit

Nielsen Can Track (Some) Amazon Prime Ratings

Two years after Nielsen rolled out its SVOD Content Ratings to measure viewership for Netflix programs, the company is expanding the service to also cover Amazon Prime Video. The SVOD Content Ratings tool will now measure audiences for Amazon Prime Video content through connected televisions and smart TV devices in the U.S., which accounts for about 75% of all viewing — but does not include mobile or computer streaming.

Altered Nielsen Markets Still Accredited

In regards to recent changes Nielsen has made to its TV market measurements, the Media Ratings Council says its accreditation of these markets has remained unchanged.

Nielsen: Audiences Grow Well After 7 Days

In another indication of changing viewing habits, shows are capturing viewers up to five weeks after they air. The Big Bang Theory got the biggest viewing lift from delayed viewing 8 to 35 days after it aired.

Day 1 Of Expanded Nielsen Ratings Fizzles

Hours after the local markets’ numbers should have come in, Nielsen’s much vaulted leap today into a greater ratings universe has turned into an embarrassing pratfall. “This is a joke, it’s been crickets,” said one network executive this afternoon of the lack of promised data from the measurement company on Friday. It was the first day without the early metrics from 56 markets that often kick off the ratings race every morning and often are the barometer for live events like last night’s Thursday Night Football NFL game.

Nielsen Says It’s Completed Local TV Overhaul

Starting tomorrow, electronic delivery of data in the 71 remaining DMAs features the deployment of Portable People Meter measurement integrated with existing TV panels in all 25 Local People Meter markets and 19 Set-Meter markets.

Little Movement Atop New Nielsen DMA Ranks

In Nielsen’s latest annual ordering of its 210 Designated Market Areas, there are only five changes in the top 20 markets and three among the top 10: San Francisco is now 6, Washington is 7 and Houston is 8. But there is a lot of movement in markets 35 on down.

Premiere Week Lows & The Industry’s New Normal

Same-day Nielsen ratings for network series have fallen precipitously in the past five years, and delayed and multiplatform viewing isn’t likely to get all of those losses back.

Nets, Stations Eye New Ways To Measure Viewers

With audiences becoming consumers of video that streams from a panoply of screens, maneuvers to measure them are becoming commonplace. Simply put, the systems in place to calibrate couch-potato activity no longer meet the demands of the marketplace.

Nielsen Now Tracks Celebs’ Social-Media Touts Of TV Shows


TVN Focus On Advertising | TVB Driving Impressions-Based Ad Buying

“In our current multiplatform world, everything is now being sold on an impression basis except linear TV,” says TVB President Steve Lanzano. “We want local TV stations and the ad agencies to be able to sell and buy that way, too. We have been working with the buying agencies for some time behind the scenes and now we are going public.”

Nielsen Gracenote Starts Content ID System

Looking to improve TV/movie owners’ content tracking abilities and resolve consumers’ search/discovery program issues, Nielsen’s Gracenote has started a new ID system. Using the new ID system, studios and networks can register content with Gracenote’s video database for search and discovery in program guides, interfaces and OTT catalogs.