Tucker Carlson Claims NSA Leaked His Private Emails To Journalists

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday claimed the National Security Agency leaked some of his private emails to journalists. Carlson made the allegation during a Wednesday morning appearance on Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria.

Tucker Carlson Says NSA Is Spying On Him

The Tucker Carlson Tonight host said during his Fox News show Monday that he’s convinced that President Joe Biden’s administration is using the National Security Agency to monitor his digital communications and follow his every move. This suspicion is fueled by an anonymous source, who claims to have access to the NSA.

FCC Probing Cable On Channel Moves

Dan Froomkin: “If the extraordinary secrecy that has spread throughout our government since 9/11 is what makes it difficult to hold a public debate on an issue as central as government surveillance of its citizenry, then the media’s role should be to push back against that secrecy. And the media’s most powerful weapon is not editorials that few people read or appeals to sympathy that few people have. Our most powerful weapon is reporters.”