Public TV Urges FCC To Drop OET-69

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, PBS and the Association of Public Television Stations are jointly opposing a proposal by the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology to use a new software program to analyze television coverage and interference data. The proposal was floated by the commission in February and intended to update the analytical tools the commission will use in preparing for the 2014 broadcast spectrum auctions.

NAB: OET-69 Changes Violate Spectrum Act

The association’s comments to the FCC on proposed changes in how TV station coverage would be calculated are flawed and any changes should wait until after details on the proposed FCC incentive auction of spectrum are known.

NAB To FCC: Don’t Tinker With OET-69

Last week’s public notice from the FCC Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) proposing material changes to OET Bulletin No. 69, which is used to evaluate DTV coverage and interference, will introduce uncertainty into the incentive auction process and undermine its ultimate success, NAB told the commission.