OMB OKs FCC Online Public File Rules

The Office of Management and Budget has once again rubber-stamped and approved an FCC information collection request in apparent defiance of its statutory obligation to take a hard look at the burdens imposed under the Paperwork Reduction Act. What is a bit of a surprise, and frankly disappointing, is that the OMB took less than two weeks to approve the FCC’s request even though the proposed rules appear to clearly violate the standards of the PRA, and lengthy comments were filed by multiple parties informing the OMB of that fact.

Revised License Renewal Forms Go To OMB

Last October we reported on changes to the broadcast license renewal application form (Form 303-S) that were in the works. The commission has passed its proposed changes along to the Office of Management and Budget for OMB’s review. Notice of that development has now been published in the Federal Register. This gives everybody yet another opportunity to toss in any comments they might have about the revised form — but this time those comments should be directed to OMB. If you’ve got anything to say to OMB, you’ve got until Jan. 26, 2011 to say it.