Hey, Democrats: Hands Off Fox News’s Cable Carriers

Erik Wemple: “The insertion of Congress into the contractual relationships of video providers with particular news/propaganda outlets is frightening. Asking questions is a protected activity, of course — one that lawmakers use all the time. Yet these questions feel a lot like coercion by government officials, an incursion into the cultural promise of the First Amendment.”

OAN Runs Into More Conflict At The White House

White House Correspondents’ Association Boots OAN From Briefing Room Seat Rotation

One America News Sues Maddow For $10M

The suit by the family-owned conservative cable network alleges that Rachel Maddow’s comments on her July 22 show calling it “paid Russian propaganda” were retaliation after OAN’s president accused Comcast of censorship for refusing to carry the channel. The suit also names MSNBC, its parent and Comcast.

Herring Bcstg., Wash. Times Form Cable News Net