Streaming Subscriptions to Grow In 2023, Online Ad Spend Leading All Sectors, Says Omdia

In 2022, across the total online video subscription services that Omdia tracks, over 171 million subscribers were added. Subs counts will moreover, grow by 143 million in 2023, Omdia forecasts. The full forecast, which stretches to 2027, would result in a heady half a billion additional subscribers flocking to platforms over the next five years.

Online Advertising Braces For Rocky Road

Federal Reserve officials signaled plans Monday to consider a larger-than-expected 0.75-percentage-point interest-rate hike at their meeting this week, despite Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s attempt to avoid surprising markets and argument that the central bank can achieve its goals of tightening policy by shaping market expectations. Trip Chowdhry, managing director of equity research at Global Equities Research, believes the downturn in the economy will prompt advertisers to consolidate the amount spent on advertising to “very few effective platforms like Meta and Google,” as well as YouTube and YouTube Shorts.

Political Advertising Dollars Are Moving Online. Is Internet TV Ready?

A backlash against political ads highlights challenges around targeting, frequency capping and fraud.

New Bill Would Regulate Online Kids Content

Two Senate Democrats proposed a bill Thursday that would regulate the way online sites display and promote content and ads aimed at children under the age of 16. The Kids Internet Design and Safety (KIDS) Act, introduced by Sens. Richard Blumenthal (l) and Ed Markey, would prohibit operators of platforms aimed at users under 16 from using “auto-play” settings on videos. The measure would also ban those operators encouraging young users by offering them “badges” for playing games, or sending them push alerts.

Inside The Biggest 2020 Ad War Against Trump

Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign wants to flood voters with attacks on Trump before it is too late, a lesson Republican candidates learned in 2016 when they initially ignored him. Bloomberg is spending millions each week in an online advertising onslaught that is guided by polling and data that he and his advisers believe provide unique insight into the president’s vulnerabilities.

Appeals Court Finds Md. Law Imposing Political Disclosure Obligations On Online Platforms To Be Unconstitutional

Google Begins Offering ‘Auto’ Ad Units

Publishers today gained an automated ad unit from Google, which it calls “Auto” ads. The technology serving the ad automatically optimizes the placement on publisher sites based on a variety of data and insights.

Google Blocks YouTube On Amazon Devices

The decision to block YouTube is retaliation for Amazon’s refusal to sell some Google products that compete with Amazon gadgets.

Online Holiday Spend To Top Brick & Mortar

Deloitte is predicting that consumers expect to do 51% of their holiday shopping online, marking the first time that online shopping should surpass in-store spending.

Fewer Brands Using Programmatic This Year

Brand safety concerns are having an impact on programmatic buys. According to ad tracker MediaRadar the number of brands running programmatic ads this year from January through July dropped 2% compared to the same period a year ago.

Google Makes TV Ad Buys Smarter

The platform, integrated into DoubleClick for Publishers, eliminates the need for ad slots to be sold as fixed lengths in the advertising break. The technology automatically optimizes the ad buy by determining the best combination of personalized and relevant ads for each viewer.

Google Updates AdWords Ad Rotation

The idea is to simplify ad rotation into two settings. With the change, two options become available in September — Optimize, which prioritizes the best-performing ads; and Rotate Indefinitely, which gives ads equal preference. The Optimize setting will optimize ads for clicks in each individual auction using signals such as keyword, search term, device, and location.

Google Reboots Its Display Ad Network

Google plans to change the options it gives advertisers for excluding site categories for the Display Network in AdWords. Several site categories are being eliminated, while a few are being added. Others are rolling up into a more concise name. To streamline the AdWords interface and improve serving, Google says it is merging some site category options and removing others.

Tremor Sells ‘Demand-Side’ Ad Platform

U.S. ad tech company Tremor Video is selling its “demand-side platform” to Israel-based mobile advertising firm Taptica for an enterprise value of $50 million continuing a raft of consolidation in a sector facing stiff online competition from Google and Facebook.

Google Said Offering New YouTube Deal

YouTube, on an aggressive push to expand its footprint in online video, is said to be offering publishers more control over their own ad inventory in order to win their business. The site is offering major publishers who choose its backend video player the ability to control ad sales both on their sites and on YouTube, according to people familiar with the new offering. Additionally, YouTube is offering the player and its services for free, they said.

Mobile Poised To Dominate Digital Video Use

Driven by a surge in mobile consumption, the “online” video advertising marketplace will become “mobile first” by 2018, according to an update of a long-term forecast by Publicis’ Zenith unit. The agency’s forecast unit projects the majority of digital video ad spending will shift from “fixed devices” (PCs, connected TVs, gaming consoles, etc.) to mobile in 2018.

IAB Releases Dynamic Content Ad Standard

The standard defines the content of an ad using metadata to describe the various components of an ad (image, copy, animation, video etc.). In doing so, the various components can be individually selected for placement based on data triggers, offering marketers the ability to accurately target on a granular basis.

Advertisers Hold Fast To Broadcast TV

Ad buyers will spend billions, as they did last year, to be a part of the TV season, knowing that, ratings aside, television still reaches more people than digital ads.

Consortium Takes On Facebook, Google

Looking to curtail Facebook and Google’s competitive advantage in people-based marketing, global ad-tech companies have set up a consortium to make targeting technologies available through a wide range of channels. The initial group of companies in the consortium include AppNexus, LiveRamp, MediaMath, Index Exchange, LiveIntent, OpenX and Rocket Fuel.

Online Ad Industry Undergoing Self-Reflection

It’s easy to hate digital ads, especially the personalized ads that follow you across the internet. But they’re creating a more efficient advertising market.

ANA Issues YouTube Ad Advisory

In an ironic twist for a company whose corporate motto is “do the right thing,” the Association of National Advertisers issued an advisory warning members about the brand safety of YouTube and reminding its parent Google that the top priority for any platform used by brands is “to do no harm.” The advisory comes after a number of big ANA members pulled their advertising from YouTube when it was discovered that they were being placed adjacent to unsafe content, including hate speech and “terrorist-oriented” Web sites.

Coming, Gigantic Boom In Native Advertising

Forecast: Native will account more than half of all display spending, with growth of more than 36% in 2017. Behind the growth: Mobile-friendliness and programmatic buys.

Is Online Ad Reach Worth The Hurt?

Data and automation allow companies to connect with people anywhere on the internet, but that advertising also bankrolls sites toxic to society.

Russians Bilk U.S. Advertisers Out Of Millions

Scamsters use automated web browsers to generate ad impressions across fake sites tricked out to look like popular sites such as and HuffPost. Advertisers are stuck with the bill.

Social Media Use By Local Advertisers Soars

Between 2011 and 2016, local advertiser use of social media sites has grown from 57% to 85%, according to a new report from Borrell Associates. Facebook is the leading platform. As a lead-generator, social media is more popular than all other forms of advertising.

BuzzFeed, NBCU to Link Ad Sales, Production

BuzzFeed and NBCUniversal revealed plans to intertwine their ad sales and production, as part of NBCU’s additional $200 million strategic investment in the digital media darling.

Ad Industry Slams FCC’s Privacy Proposal

The FCC’s revised proposal for privacy rules would hinder broadband providers’ ability “to succeed in the developing marketplace” of online advertising, six major ad organizations say.

Why Is Trump Outspending Clinton Online?

Donald Trump has famously avoided most of the apparatus of a modern campaign in his run for the White House. But in one area, Trump’s campaign so far comes out on top: online ad spending.

Growing Shift In Back To School Ad Spending

More people head online to do their shopping and advertisers are following. The march to the internet has sped up over the past two years, though most ad dollars still remain on TV.

Pinterest Starts Selling Video Advertising

While Facebook and Twitter have honed their video-advertising offerings for years, Pinterest pursued other priorities, like building its business model, improving search and making it possible to buy some items directly from the site. Now the San Francisco-based startup realizes that it’s behind in the fast-growing video market.

Pinterest Narrows Ad Focus to Match User Interest

Brands Integrate Video Into Email

Facebook last week began rolling out new video and mobile-friendly features for profile pages. But video isn’t just a useful advertising tool for companies that have the resources to compete for brands with advertising budgets big enough to afford a $4 million dollar 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl. Videos are useful for companies of any size because they can be produced with big budgets or done more simply with animated GIFS and user-generated content.

Forecast: Online Will Pass TV By 2017

TV spending will decline by 3% annually as digital grows 12%, becoming the No. 1 medium in two years. Credit digital’s precision targeting and TV’s shrinking viewership.

AOL Acquires Millennial Media

In its first major acquisition since itself being acquired by telecommunications giant Verizon, AOL this morning announced a deal to buy mobile app advertising network Millennial Media for $1.75 per share, a 30% premium over Wednesday’s closing price for the publicly-traded firm’s common stock. The deal will add one of the largest suppliers of mobile app advertising impressions to AOL’s programmatic and direct selling infrastructure.

Ad Delivery In The Golden Age Of Video

For video consumers, choice is rampant — in both content and platform. In fact, Tremor Video CEO Bill Day says the current environment has created what he deems the golden age of video. When talking about the complexity in reaching consumers amid media fragmentation, Day stresses his belief that it should be relatively short lived as companies like Tremor Video and Nielsen take a broader view of the total audience.

Is Online Ad Industry Cleaning Up Its Act?

The online advertising industry is in clean-up mode. Marketers are annoyed that many of their ads never have a chance to be seen and that fraudsters are siphoning off dollars from their ad budgets. In response, the industry has developed technologies and processes to help address viewability and fraud issues, and claims the situation is improving. But is it? There’s evidence to suggest not yet.


How One Agency Deals With Viewability

Viewability — whether an ad is actually seen — has become an problem in online advertising. The aim is to work toward 100% viewability for online ads, and that’s led to holding publishers to a higher standard. Talking with Media Kitchen’s Barry Lowenthal. Barry Lowenthal, president at The Media Kitchen, an agency in New York City, talks about how his agency approaches viewability with clients, how much they understand about it, and what his ultimate aim is for viewability.

Understanding Online Advertising Landscape

Planning and buying advertising is no easy feat these days, thanks to a rapidly changing media landscape and a shifting population base. And no discussion about advertising would be complete without factoring in the evolving online landscape, particularly as topics like programmatic and viewability dominate so many of today’s conversations. The crux of any campaign should really come down to three key things: are you reaching the right audience, is your message meaningful to that audience and did the message inspire them to do something.

Facebook To Debut Product Ads

For better or worse, Facebook is going to start looking a lot more like a product catalog. The social network plans to unveil Product Ads — a new format for brands to show off multiple offerings, and in some cases, their entire inventory. “Businesses can now showcase more products and people on Facebook can discover more relevant products,” a Facebook spokesman said on Tuesday.

ComScore Wants To Clean Up Online Advertising