Online Ad Firms Battling Losses

Online ad companies are posting rising revenue, but for many, their losses are broadening at an even faster rate. The firms aren’t household names such as Google or Facebook, but smaller companies that help marketers buy ad space and deliver those ads on websites and in applications.

Online Ad Revenue Up 19% In 1Q To $11.6B

Online advertising in the first quarter of 2014 continued to grow at a steady clip from last year. U.S. Internet ad spending increased 19% to $11.6 billion in the period, according to new data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PwC US. That rate is slightly above the 17% growth for all of 2013, and the 16% gain in the year-earlier period.

TV Ad Dollars Shifting To Web Video

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that major advertisers including MasterCard, Mondelez and Verizon Wireless in the past year have moved a portion of the money they previously spent on TV over to online outlets. WSJ subscribers can read the story here.

The Secret About Online Ad Traffic

Billions of dollars are flowing into online advertising. But marketers also are confronting an uncomfortable reality: rampant fraud.

Report: Big Disparity In Online Video Ratings

In an advertising marketplace disparity that likely has not been seen since Arbitron and Nielsen competed as currencies for local TV advertising buys decades ago, a report released this morning suggests the gap is far worse for the burgeoning online video advertising business. Pivotal Research Group’s Brian Wieser shows audience estimates produced by comScore, the current Madison Avenue standard, to be about three times higher than those being produced by challenger Nielsen.

News Sites Proliferate, Stretching Ad Dollars

The Wall Street Journal Is reporting that in the past few months, about a dozen companies have announced new ventures related to online news, often in specialized areas such as media or technology, creating a crowded field. WSJ subscribers can read the full story here.


Why Hard News Is A Hard Sell For Advertisers

Digitally delivered news, both hard and soft, appears to combine reach, popularity, engagement and authority like no other collective of digital assets. And individual news outlets engage their readers and viewers frequently. The uncomfortable truth, however, is that the advertiser has not followed the user. If ever there was a misalignment of time spent and the allocation of advertiser dollars, this is it.

Google Relents On YouTube Ad Measurement

Google said it will begin allowing Nielsen to measure audiences for ads on its YouTube website, a decision that could give ad buyers more confidence to shift dollars to online video.

CBS: TV, Online Prices Moving Toward Parity

On Wednesday, CBS CEO Leslie Moonves indicated ad dollars are about to become platform neutral. No more analog-digital divide. Within three to five years, there will be parity pricing for ad positions in NCIS whether on CBS or streamed on, he said in an interview on CNBC. So, “we won’t care where you watch the shows,” Moonves said.

P&G Shifts More Ad Dollars To Online, Mobile

The Wall Street Journal reports today that Procter & Gamble Co. is now spending more than a third of its U.S. marketing budget on digital media, an aggressive shift as Americans for the first time are expected to spend more time online this year than watching television. The story by Serena Ng and Suzanne Vranica quotes P&G executives as saying digital media in many cases is proving to be a faster and cheaper way for P&G’s brands to reach consumers, and feedback is also faster. WSJ subscribers can read the story here.

Facebook Plans TV-Style Ads At $2.5M Each

Facebook Inc., seeking to break the long-held dominance of television over advertising budgets, plans to sell 15-second TV-style commercials on its site for as much as $2.5 million a day, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Borrell: Auto Advertising Shifts Into Online

Online and mobile outlets are expected to see a nearly 19% rise in automotive advertising, while the category continues to drain away from legacy media, according to a new report from Borrell Associates. Newspapers are expected to be hit hardest, with auto ad levels falling almost 30%.


Online Viewers Have High Interaction With Ads

Higher interaction with a TV commercial for viewers comes with watching an advertising message on a laptop/desktop — not via television, according to a recent study. In a survey showing 59% of U.S. commercial-watching viewers “having some degree of likelihood to act on a commercial they watch,” the best results come when watching on a computer — some 29%, according to research from Viamedia.

Borrell: Online Ads To Surge 31% In 2013

A new forecast from Borrell Associates suggests 2013 will be a big year for local online advertising. The firm projects revenue will surge almost 31% this year — from $18.7 billion to $24.5 billion as more small and medium-size businesses shift ad spending to digital from traditional mdia.

Political Online Spending Hits New Heights

President Obama spends $52 million on digital ads in his reelection bid, double what Mitt Romney spent, as presidential campaign online spending jumps 251% over 2008.


Gannett: Changing The Game In Online Ads?

Media companies need to think beyond the banner and focus on ads that become part of the content in users’ experience, according to David Payne, chief digital officer for Gannett, where the focus is shifting away from banners and direct response to full-screen video and rich media and the power of branding. Full Story | Add comment


Forecast Knocks Down 2012 Digital Outlook

Yet another advertising forecast for 2012 has been downgraded, but this time it’s not a reflection of the sputtering economy. EMarketer, the online forecasting firm, has lowered its outlook for online ad spending this year from 17.7% growth to 16.6%. That’s still a robust number by any standards, and especially right now, when so many media are growing only by low-single-digit percentages or even shrinking.

AT&T Uses Mobi, TV Data To Target Web Ads

AT&T AdWorks is expected to launch an ad platform in September allowing brands to target ads online based on TV and mobile data, according to Danielle Lee, AdWorks VP of product marketing and innovation. Two undisclosed brands have signed up to participate in the initial rollout. Tool Designed To Aid Media Buyers

Mobile Advertising Hit $5.3 Billion In 2011

The Interactive Advertising Bureau issued a new report today estimating the global mobile advertising market at $5.3 billion, with a wide gap between developed and emerging regions. Asia-Pacific, for example, represented 35.9% of worldwide mobile ad spend, North America, 31.4%, and Europe, 25.9%.

Video Buyers Plan Tandem TV-Web Buys

Nearly two-thirds of marketers say they consider online video as a complement to TV rather than a replacement for TV, while only 10% look at online video as a replacement, according to’s just-released state of the video industry report for the first quarter of 2012.

March Madness Streaming Hits $60M In Ads

Ad sales for Web streaming of March Madness has grown each year that games have been streamed online, nearly doubling the $32 million sold for the 2009 tournament.

Viacom Bundling TV, Digital Buys

Viacom has been testing an ad sales offering called Surround Sound that will let brands bundle audience-targeted TV buys with a digital campaign aimed at the same consumer segment that would span online video, display, mobile and email advertising.

Plenty Of Ads Left For Streaming Super Bowl

While some advertisers have bought into digital packages for the Super Bowl’s first live video presentation on personal computers, tablets and mobile phones, many have not shown the same enthusiasm for the live stream as for the TV broadcast.


TV Spots Top Online Ads In Effectiveness

I’ve finally found a way to quantify the relative effectiveness of TV and online display advertising. It’s two decimal points. That’s how much more effective TV ads are, relative to online display ads on an impression basis.

Web Tops TV As Most Popular UK Ad Medium

Brands spent more money advertising on the Internet in Britain than they did on TV for the first time in the first half of 2011, as companies moved online to reach the millions of Britons using social networks and watching videos.

Local News Sites Create Chicago Ad Network

A group of fifteen Chicago community news sites have joined together to overcome the isolation, launching, this week, the Chicago Independent Advertising Network. The network, which will began running ads on November 1, is an effort to bring the benefits of scale — and the complementary ideas of “safety in numbers,” “misery loves company,” etc. — to the business side of community news.

Anti-Piracy Bill Could Hurt Online Advertising

A proposed anti-piracy bill pending in the Senate could make it difficult for online advertisers and credit card companies to continue doing business on the Web, warns a group of law professors.

MagnaGlobal: Online Ads To Hit $30B In 2011

MagnaGlobal is predicting the U.S. online ad market to hit $30 billion by the end of 2011, while the overall ad market will grow 2.9% — revised from its original prediction of 3.1% growth.


Marketers Moving Ad Budgets Online

Marketers continue to move advertising budgets online, but two separate studies released Monday one from Interactive Advertising Bureau and the other from audience marketing company Bizo provide conflicting evidence on where ad dollars will go.

How To Sell Online Ads For A Premium

There is a process that is being used more and more in local advertising that is spurring significant growth and profits. If you are not yet selling online display ads using this proven process, you should start right away as those using it have seen two to five times the growth in digital revenue.


Keeping It Simple Key To TV Online Ad Sales

Christine DiStadio, KHOU Houston director of digital media, told attendees at the Borrell Associates Local Online Advertising Conference that having the ability to help clients tie together online, mobile and social media in a way that has meaning for them is key to her TV station’s success in the digital space.

Digital Video Ad Spend Could Rise 40% In ’11

In a study conducted by Break Media and Advertiser Perceptions, 70% of respondents said they planned to increase their ad spending on digital video in 2011. PricewaterhouseCoopers, meanwhile, predicts that spending for online video will increase this year by 38.6% from 2010, coming on top of a 39.5% increase in 2010 compared with 2009.


Online Ad Revenue to Grow 10% in 2011

Online advertising revenue and online retail spending will both grow by 10% in 2011, according to the latest forecast from S&P Equity Research, which also issued predictions about major players and the industry as a whole not all of them rosy.

Viewers May Be OK With More Ads Online

Research conducted by Turner Broadcasting suggested that programmers could surround the online streams of their TV shows with even more ads.