How Digital Is Changing Car Advertising

Nissan’s CMO Roel de Vries is bullish on digital, and for good reason — 80% to 90% of the car-buying experience now starts online. Car shoppers already know exactly what model they want before they step foot into a dealership, he says. That shift is pushing Nissan full throttle into digital advertising for brand-building and direct-response marketing.

Major Acura Campaign Skips Broadcast Prime

Acura is launching its new luxury sedan — embarking on the biggest marketing campaign in its history — without the help of broadcast prime time TV. The American Honda division will promote the TLX with a robust campaign that includes a significant investment in digital video.

Local Car Dealers Search For Growth Online

As thousands of consumers pour into Detroit’s North American International Auto Show this week to kick the tires of new models and concept cars, many will go back to their hometowns and ponder their next big purchase. They’ll likely continue their research online — rather than commit to long hours browsing in car lots. Given the shift to digital, it should come as no surprise, then, that local car dealers are steering their marketing efforts there as well. In fact, an Interactive Advertising Bureau report noted that car buyers were 71% more likely to be influenced by digital ads compared to other consumers.


Don’t Miss Out On Auto’s Ad Shift To Digital

As a sales manager, do you know what steps you need to incorporate now to make sure that your sales pros are properly positioned to take advantage of the advertising shift to digital products? The answer lies in four categories: people, knowledge, products and return on investment.

Online Video Has Changed Auto Marketing

Online video has redrawn the boundaries of auto marketing, giving companies a chance to sketch a broader story line around their products, break the conventions of TV and connect with customers in new ways. The auto industry is second only to video game makers in embracing the medium for its video advertising.


Online Auto Ad Spend To Rise 39% In 2012

Online media buys for the auto industry in 2012 are expected to rise 39%, to $11.9 billion,driving an overall 13.8% increase for the category the year, according to a new forecast from Borrell Associates.


Online Auto Ads Seen Rising 11% In 2011

According to a Borrell Associates report, online automotive advertising is expected to rise 11%, from $6.6 billion to nearly $7.3 billion in 2011. Dealers are earmarking 32% of their ad budgets for interactive media this year, more than they spend on any other medium, the report said.

Car Dealers Earmark 32% For Web Buys

A decade ago, the nation’s auto dealers were spending the lion’s share of their ad budgets on newspapers and local magazines.Now, however, online media receives the bulk of auto dealers’ ad dollars. Indeed, dealers are now earmarking 32% of their budgets for online media buys, according to a new Borrell report.